whack-a-ferret, single player mode


does you have a moneyI was going to be —

All smart and stuff. I really was. I was reading up on strike stuff and putting this great big strike post together too [url to come later oops] and then —



[Okay look it is not my fault. The cats are too cute and you are just going to have to do lolcatz today and that is final. Also look at that demonic kitty face. You have to click that. What kind of freak could not click that?]




*this post is dedicated to sarah’s bel


where the art work comes from :
that is one of my favorite lolcatz :
:::does you have a money?:::

other seriously favorite lolcatz :

:::u has a smell:::



12 Responses to whack-a-ferret, single player mode

  1. They are way cuter then the LOL Chairs- aren’t they?

  2. max

    Ms. Pants, hugs and kisses to you.

    Anita, cuter, but those chairs are damn funny and also very vigorous. [Jeez, a four way? Frisky friskyy chairs.]

  3. max

    You know, that sounded wrong, Sarah. My response. Too, I do not know. Too cute, too abbreviated, too Hollywood, too like it did not matter.

    And that was wrong.

    I miss Bel and never even knew Bel, except through you. Hugs and kisses is a stupid too flippant sounding statement. I know what you feel because I have been there. All I can say that means anything is, nothing. Nothing fixes what you feel except time. But. Bel was loved. By you. And by everyone who knew Bel through you.

  4. There’s nothing anyone can really say, you know? I understand that. I appreciate the efforts people are making and regret that I can offer little in return other than a watery eyed thanks or a thinly veiled request for xanax. (I’m down to one which will probably get me through tonight’s imminent breakdown. Luckily my mother works for the same company I do and can interoffice me some tomorrow.)

    The guilt is hard because we just don’t know how or when he really got sick. I wonder if I caused it with the fosters. And then I feel guilty when I find myself wishing it had been one of the kittens instead. Nina keeps laying next to Bel’s spot on the bed. Liam is already far more intuitive than I ever thought he’d be and can sense when I’m about to lose it; he wraps himself around my neck and just purrs. Phoebe keeps looking for Bel and meowing at me whenever I come in the front door–she’s expecting me to bring him home in a carrier. And me? I’m just desperately trying to find his scent on anything he touched and keeping myself drugged up on anything I can find.

    It wasn’t wrong, not flippant, not Hollywood. I have the lolcats as my desktops on my computers at home and work. This one is on both right now. I thought it was fitting.

  5. (I didn’t mean to kill your comments. I’m sorry.)

  6. max

    I know. I have been there. Hang on.

  7. Sorry for your loss, Ms Pants.

  8. Hey Max, when I played this video, Pumpkin (my cat) immediately got up from her cozy spot on the couch and started kneading. Then she began rubbing against the back of my head with her body.

    She loved the music!

  9. max

    Pumpkin knows cat appreciation when she hears it. [smile]

    The cat racing the horse looks just like Jones.

  10. Oh! I have to look again. I might play this video once a week. It’s fun!

  11. max

    It is right up there with A Squirrel That Looked Like Hitler for fun. [I have watched the squirrel way more times than is right.]

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