snap is a device of the devil

Snap. I hate it.

You know what Snap is right? That little box that pops up over links you are trying to click on WordPress sites?

Wow is that thing perverse.

The first time I saw Snap, I was on Pooks’ blog and it popped up and I thought, Oh, cute, a little picture. [Pooks is totally cutting edge blogging and had Snap before anyone else.] Then Snap went WordPress wide and within 24 hours I had that little bastard off my blog and stuck in a corner to regret its aberrant ways.

mouseHere is the thing. Yes, Snap makes cute little pictures that pop up when you run your mouse over links. But sometimes I just want to click the God damn link. You know? Point click? Voila, the link opens? Snap stops that from happening. Snap is just so glad to see me I guess, when I try to point and click, instead of the link working, this God damn box snaps open to show me a picture.

I did not want a picture, Snap. I wanted the link to open. Without having to hit it twice.

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  1. Hear hear!

    They need to make it so that the link doesn’t lose focus when the box script activates.

  2. max

    Yes they do. Snap is also slow, sometimes I have to sit waiting for a little picure I did not want in the first place before I can punch the link again. And it is seriously cached, lots of those little pictures are way out of date.

  3. My blog shut itself down when WordPress loaded this option on- I could sign on, I got to my Blog and then I got to stare at a frozen screen for 5 minutes.

    So Snap Came off and my blog was happy.

    Gosh…even my Blog is a Rebel :-)

  4. I liked Snap at first but the out of date thing makes it useless. I’m going to disable mine as soon as I find the place to do it.

  5. max

    I think it is in presentation under something like “options” Kitty.

    Rebel blogs, yay!

  6. To Exorcise Snap from you blog
    Go under presentations
    Click the tab that says “extra”
    shout ‘ Devil Be GONE ‘
    Click Extra
    Sprink Holy Water
    Then undo what WordPress has wrought.


  7. max

    The other fun thing Snap does is drag down site opening time, everytime you access a site that uses Snap, it has to contact and access the Snap home site before it can open.

    I so hate Snap.

  8. Snap! Thanks, it’s gone now.

  9. Whoa…I’m gonna use the Devil Be Gone line more carefully in the future!

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