snail update news


snail frenzyIn snail update news —

[Never in my life did I imagine I would be writing “snail update news” ever]

The snail and the snail’s relative or friend or something —

Discovered shortly after the madcap snail escape and recapture —

Spent a little under 24 hours here in a big glass vase with lettuce and spritzing [do snails get thirsty?] until I found a nice leafy greenbelt outside a Save On Drugs in central Hollywood and released the snails into the wild.

Well. Sort of wild. It is Hollywood. That should be wild enough right?

I was way worried about those snails. I do not know how territorial snails are. I was afraid in the same vase they might fight. But. No fights. They were not chatty. They did not even want to visit. But no snails were injured during snail events of these posts.


Go in peace, snails.


:::snail i:::
:::snail ii:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from daniel james

5 Responses to snail update news

  1. hmm, i did a snail check before i brought that plant back.
    those snails are wiley. they hide in underground bunkers when you look for them, then sneak out when you least expect it.
    poor plant. please give it my apologies and well wishes.

  2. max

    That snail was wiley. It took days to spot it. Anda day more to spot its more stealthy relative. Little did that snail know though it was moving to a well lighted spot where I spend a lot of time. Stealth and well lighted well observed spots just do not mix. I guess. I hope it is doing okay at the drug store green belt. I felt kind of bad dropping those snails off but they cannot live here.

  3. the snails are probably doing well. they don’t need a lot of space, and they like this weather.
    you did a good thing.
    i am not so nice to my snails. i introduce carniverous snails to my garden and then there are snail wars. the only evidence of the wars are that the garden snails eventually disappear.
    i love my plants more than i care about the mollusks, i suppose.

  4. For the next snail infestation, try playing a french movie at maximum volume and fry up some garlic in a pan, they will get the hint real quick.

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