sirens and expiration dates

winding roadPlaces and I have a three year expiration date.
I live a place one year, I start hearing the siren’s whisper. Time to go time to go time to go. Two years, it is not a whisper, it is a song. Time time time. Three years, and that siren is a freaking banshee and the call is hard. Go go go go go go.

The call is hard today.

And I do not know which I am doing.

Running from.

Or running to.

I need to run.

Damn sirens.

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  1. No. Stop it right now.
    Get your ass in the chair and work on the masterpiece. That is the siren. It is calling you. Sit in the chair and go there. On the keyboard. Now.
    I said.

  2. Let me think of where I learned how to do that…

  3. max

    Was it Pooks?

    I am not writing today I am in a fugue. Maybe I will go look for those missing scenes though.

  4. I’m just the opposite. Short of the bulldozer at the front door (or sheriff with an eviction notice), I stay put. I’ve lived in three places: my hometown for 25 years; Baltimore for 10 years; and LA for one. Well, I also lived in NYC once for a summer.

  5. max

    I always leave California. Then sooner or later I come home again. It might be simpler to just stay put. I am not good at staying put though. No anchors.

  6. Run Max run……. we will follow. Or could it be a vacation would quiet the sirens? What if you knew your anchor was on his way? Would you stay?

  7. max

    There are things I have started I need to finish. I came back here for a reason. And I am not done yet. I am just tired. Standing still is exhausting.

  8. “Standing still is exhausting-”

    I’d rather run myself.

    So I do.


  9. Wasn’t Pooks. Let me give you a hint: Give me that doll.

  10. Oooh TLC for Max. A second wind will come………

  11. max

    Jeez, if I did not know better Kitty I would think you were meaning me.


  12. Wow! Twin posts 7:47

  13. I always get itchy to start a big remodeling project right about the time the writing project is getting emotionally hard. It took me forever to paint my living room (though it is really gorgeous) when I quit screenwriting and thought I would try to do the novel thing. Your banshee to move is my banshee right now to remodel and decorate the master bedroom and bath. I want to tile, to refinish, to paint, etc. There is something so satisfying about walking into a room where I’ve done all of the work and it’s pretty and I can see it daily. Finished. Not in need of one more thing or in need of editing or trying to find that just-right imagery for heartbreak without hitting too on-the-nose. (sigh)

    (I have been looking at colors today. I’m thisclose to finishing book 2 and I’m making myself finish so I can paint. It is my reward.)

  14. max

    Damn. You. Toni.

    I really hate being that transparent.

    I want to be a woman of mystery.

    Instead I am just a dumb girl who wants to run away when the writing gets hard.

    And it shows!


  15. I think you should take a vacation maybe – that always makes me feel better when I feel like running.

  16. max



    I think AJ has a trip to L.A.scheduled sometime around now and I promised her dumplings. I would get in a lot of trouble if I left town before she got here. Unless she moved it. Hmm.

  17. You read my mind – Scotland.

  18. I’ve lived in 14 different houses/apts in the last 10 years. Longest at any was 16 months. Call it part of deeper fascination/disillusionment cycle, but abodes rarely hold appeal. Mind, the fact I was born 2 1/2 months premature should have given me warning that this would be my lot in life.

  19. max

    Wow. You started this at birth? You are a total overachiever.

  20. aj

    Two Words: Management. Suck.

    Arrange them however you choose.

  21. max

    My complete confusion makes sense on some plane.

  22. aj

    The picture in this post reminds me of that movie The Gift. I realise that is a totally off topic thing to say, but I can’t help it, everytime I see that pic I see a dead Katie Holmes walking that dirt road from that movie.

  23. I know exactly what Max needs. Count five posts above (not including mine). Heehee

    Sometimes life really is that simple :)

  24. PS Love that movie The Gift. Was just thinking about it yesterday. How odd.

  25. max

    I am so glad I have not seen the movie you are talking about aj that is going to haunt me anyway though sigh.

  26. It’s an enjoyable movie. Add it to your Netflix list. Psychic powers, a slutty Katie Holmes, a redneck Keanu…it’s got it all!

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