sing it baby


Speaking of winning commercials….

I have not seen this commercial on television. I wonder if Jeep is still advertising on Fox News. Where I would not see it because I do not watch that trash. The commercial is funny as hell.




*also after being repeatedly terrorized by this really scary kia commercial i will never buy a kia



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  1. Kym

    The wolf gulping the bird–:snickers: The wolf spewing bird :laughs out loud:

    Alright sometimes I miss TV.

    But the kia commercial that makes me remember why I don’t have a dummy box.

  2. Betsy

    I love funny commercials.

    Why have I seen that nasty Kia commercial a dozen times, and never the Jeep one?

  3. max

    You and me both. We were robbed.

  4. I didn’t even know Kia was still in business. The Scion commercials are the ones that bug me most. The Jeep spot is hilarious. And what about the Ford TV spot where the dude is voice commanding his MP3 player. “Play Celine Dion.” “No, play Korn.” I, sadly, watch far too much TV.

  5. Years ago JEEP had this great commercial- theses guys were taking their Grandfather’s ashes to the top of this mountain to scatter them.

    Only on the way up the urn pops open and the ashes scatter all over the place and at the end before the JEEP logo comes up you see them with this dustbuster

    I was working at a Funeral Home when that one came out- calls.

    Boy did we get calls.

  6. max

    There used to be this Volkswagon commercial I loved. There is no dialogue. Just these two guys in a car driving to music. They see a cool little couch on the corner. Then they are driving and the cool little couch is in the back seat. Then they eye each other, eye the couch, something smells bad. Then they are driving with no couch. It was real simple and funny.

  7. conundrum

    Commercials are often the best stuff on TV. This one is great and it ran a lot in the DC area in the fall…and not on Fox either.

  8. Introducing the all new Jeep Liberty.

    Cuz driving on hallucinogenics should be fun.

    Hey, Max, I told Rain I was ratting on her:

    [I had to stick this in somewhere].

  9. max

    I am afraid to hit that link after the build up Rain gave it.

  10. Make sure it’s not near that “delicate” time of the month.

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