silly readers

You guys think I am just going to keep posting for your fun and amusement even though NO ONE IS VOTING on my fun Supernatural poll right?

Wow are you confused.

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  1. conundrum

    I voted early and I would have gone back to vote often if it would have let me.

    I don’t deserve to be punished with those slackers. Please write for me, please, please

  2. I voted. Now can I have my story please?

    BTW, re: Supernatural. Does anyone else still have a problem with Jared Paladecki being called Sam and having a brother named Dean, when HIS name was Dean when he was on Gilmore Girls? Or is it only me that can’t make the leap?

  3. max

    Yay! Thank you for voting.

    I never really watched Gilmore Girls so that is not bothersome for me Ginny but it is kind of weird when Doc Cottle or a cylon pop up in Supernatural.

  4. sulya

    [hiding face and kicking dirt]

    I have never seen Supernatural. Cylons popping up in Supernatural does make it seem more interesting to me though – hmmmmm….

    I can recite most of the first 5 seasons of Gilmore Girls and Jared Padalecki bugged me then so if you really want I will go to the poll and choose the other guy. I just didn’t want to vote will-nilly and feign knowledge/preferences I don’t have but I will for you, max, I will for you! (wink)

    Just let me know.

  5. max

    Damn straight. Go vote. And “The Other Guy” is Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester who is very cute go watch the youtube it is linked.

    Gilmore Girls just… there was nothing there I could empathize with or relate to I watched it twice and the only thing it did was fill me with an uneasy impulse to smack someone and snarl, Grow a backbone. Do I lose my girl card for that?

  6. sulya

    You don’t lose your girl card. Not ever missmax. For the record the show annoyed the hell out of me at first too – then I had nothing else to watch (London, no TV) and something started to click and then I fell in love with it. Lines like “Bring on the imperialist condiments!” and “You know how the ottoman is very snotty and won’t talk to anyone but the sofa.” And a million others, just sort of reeled me in. Also, some really beautiful mom-daughter stuff between Lauren Graham and the woman who plays HER mother – great, great stuff – savage, snarky, witty, awful, loving and totally believable all at the same time – there that gets underplayed by the way the show is pitched. Anyway – you needn’t like the show to be fabulous dahlink! I just thought I’d let you know it annoyed me too before I really got to know it (wink)

    Going to vote now!

  7. I refuse to take your silly hunk poll


  8. Write or I will sing. NOOOooooooobody wants that.

  9. It is confusing because they are all hot. Surely you jest…

  10. Ok I voted for Dean even though they both look too young for me.

  11. max


    [You are just voting and admiring not soliciting. It is all good.]

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