shoe talk


big black bootsYou are —

Big Black Boots

You can be best described as : Attitude.
You’ve got lots of it.
And you love to give it.
A guy has to be pretty gutsy to hit on you.
But if he’s your type you’ll warm up.
A little.


:::what kind of shoe are you:::


where i nabbed that quiz :
i nabbed that at michele’s

where the art work comes from :
that is hotel paradiso 2 by britcat100

8 Responses to shoe talk

  1. You Are Big Black Boots!

    You can be best described as: attitude
    You’ve got lots of it – and you love to give it
    A guy has to be pretty gusty to hit on you

    Yep…that’s me alright.

  2. Love that pic. Love those boots in that pic.

  3. Kym

    I’m big black boots but… the ones in the quiz pic –NO WAY! I want the ones (and the legs to go with them) in your pic.

  4. max

    What? This is not the photo you got when you took the quiz?

    This is so confusing….

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  6. Whoa! Looks like we’re sharing shoes, too!

    Those boots are made for stompin’! Wish I had a pair of those on when Top Gun came over and aired out his doodads!

  7. max

    Top Gun needs to be retired. Maybe we could send him to the Russians. Cold weather would be good for him.

  8. Cold weather would make him worry that he was…less than average lol

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