she's so dramatic

I had a life partner —

Who was always vaguely trying to apologize for me. We had these really interesting neighbors. Every once in a while in the hearing of others I would mention how really interesting the neighbors were — and not in a good way. And my partner would smile apologetically and say, She’s a writer. She over dramatizes.

Two months after I left, my ex life partner driving home was stopped by police.

The whole neighborhood was cordoned off and surrounded by police.

The really interesting — and not in a good way — neighbors had bombed a house with a body inside that had a bullet through its head.

I do not over dramatize.

I notice things other people do not.

I have noticed this country will be dead in ten years or less if we do not stop the wars.

where the art work comes from :
that is naty chabanenko by hugh lippe

4 Responses to she’s so dramatic

  1. I used to wonder where the America of my youth went. Then I became a history major and realized what an ugly society it’s always been.

  2. Max, you also write in ways that others do not. One spot of dark red passion inside of stark black and white words.


  3. Frontier Former Editor–you nailed it smack on the head.

    Max, brilliant as always.

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