she is dead max : part i


accident_iiI wonder sometimes why —

I am still here. That Saab accident is not the only accident that has not touched me. Another time, I was on the road and two cars and a Mac truck got into a big argument. It started with some sort of bizarre blow out with one of the cars. I saw it go out, the car was on my left. I slammed brakes and it went spinning by in front of me and hit a car on my right. And that car spun out. And then they were both bouncing off the side rails and one hit the truck. The Mac truck. And hitting and knocking the truck off kilter was the end. Everything went to hell then.

It was early [freak early like 6 am do not ask] and there was no dead stop traffic in front of us. But. Every car on the road that day took a hit. Spun the hell out and all over and smacked metal against metal and metal against concrete and went to pieces. Except mine. I was in the middle of bedlam.




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where the art work comes from :
that is from ketou daisuki

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  1. That guardian angel of yours should get a big bonus.

    I’ve never been in a car accident. Knock on wood.

  2. Stiletto

    I second that, Kitty. Very lucky, Max.

    Never been in an accident either. Knock on wood.

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  4. Stiletto

    Actually, let me change that – an accident that has ever been my fault. Just a few bumps on the rear end.

  5. max

    You goof. Accidents are accidents. It does not make a difference whose fault it is. My first three ambulance rides I was not tall enough to reach a gas pedal but those were still ambulance rides and still accidents. Funny girl.

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