she is dead max : part ii


accident_iiI walked —

Or at least limped out of a lot of big car wrecks before I was five. More by the time I was ten. More by the time I was fifteen.

Time after time. Big wrecks. Probably the count would be real scary except, I have forgotten the count. There were too many.


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where the art work comes from :
that is from ketou daisuki

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  1. Stiletto

    Please tell me the driver and other passengers survived? Otherwise I will have to count myself lucky that I made it back to the airport in one piece!

    (Actually, there was this one left turn I hesitated at even though I had the arrow and a car came careening through the intersection. I would have probably gotten t-boned. It was too beautiful of a day to die in Beverly Hills).

    Anyway, be safe. No offense but you seem to have an extraordinary amount of bad luck with cars!

  2. max

    In accidents I have been in? There have never been any casualties. In those accidents that were near misses though? I am pretty sure with the Saab incident some people did not make it out of those cars alive. Some of those cars were too mangled.

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  4. forkboy1965

    Remind me not go driving with you…

  5. I must say if you have been around and in all of those car wrecks and made it out alive, your luck is quite good.

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