she clicks, she scores

Cujo just slammed home second place on the Tetrizz Big Dog Board.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

876,000 points. That is the second highest score of all time. Not even Eponymous can knock that down.


tetrizz :::

15 Responses to she clicks, she scores

  1. aj

    You so get a gold star for that one Adams.

  2. max

    I only thought I was a God when I dropped all that memory into the computers. Now, it is official. Yay!

    Well okay, demi-god, klh is still leading the pack. But I aced Epy. Yay!

  3. aj

    klh is a robot. You win.

  4. LOL. That’s amazing.

  5. max

    Naw. I don’t win till I beat klh. Though how in hell klh got that score, it does not seem humanly possible.

  6. That is one damn hard game. Congrats!

  7. Well a lot of the stuff you do does not seem humanly possible. So you’ll do it.

  8. well, that pretty much rocks…i’ll score about 12 billion and let you chase it

  9. max

    Guys always say that.

  10. i like the little bar with the gap…its sweet

    or just a twist, and i like twists

  11. max

    When you beat Sawdust Willy and Gar let me know.

    I will not hold my breath.

  12. it moves a tiny bit slow…i don’t think i have time, but i can beat a bunch of em…i used to be a tetris master, and this is the same…with a twist..

    and don’t hold your breath..i’m almost certain blue is not your color. G’night max

  13. max

    You have to use the down arrow to make it go faster. And IF you can make it up a few levels it will move much faster on its own.

  14. thank you max

    g’morning max

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