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vulnerability by chaovsky




I have favorite photographers. I always list their credits where I can. Or a website. A link. Some images here I know exactly what I am looking for and go find it. An old famous photograph by a photographer like Irving Penn or Alfred Eisenstaedt. Other times I just go exploring. I have a subject in mind. And I browse, explore, wander, and stumble on something new and special.

The people who make the images that go up around here though do not get showcased enough. So here is one of my favorite recent finds Frater Chaovsky.


what the butler saw ii












That is What The Butler Saw II — by Frater Chaovsky.
He is totally one of my favorites.
The above image is by him too :
And you have seen other images by him here :

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10 Responses to sexy things : part i : chaovsky

  1. Conundrum

    And I thought you had some really supreme super-duper secret search engine to find all the fantastic photography that you use to beautifully enhance your musings.

    Isn’t black and white photography fantastic? love what can be done with shadows.

  2. I always enjoy the photos you choose, they compliment your post as well as tell a story on their own.

  3. I like it when the subjects look off center.
    B/W lends itself well to that.


  4. max

    I do have a really supreme super-duper secret search engine. Her name is Max.

  5. your pictures almost always have these eye catching angles.
    your search engine has good taste, feminine wiles, and…feminine wiles.

  6. max

    I will tell the search engine you said so.

  7. don’t trouble yourself overly much on it. Just type a memo and put it in ginormo’s delivery box

  8. Conundrum

    Hey – I’m the one who spoke about the “supreme super-duper secret search engine” but criminyjicket gets the credit for compliments?

    Well, ok…he posted the compliments but…uhmmm, never mind.

  9. I’ve commented before that the images you choose lend a certain feeling, and sense of uniformity that binds the overall look of your blog together fantastically. A few of my favorite photographers are: Richard Avedon, Sebastiano Salgado, and James Nachtwey.

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