sexy morticians?


snowy headstoneOkay probably it is just me —

But this seems like a very strange project :

Sexy Men of Mortuaries Calendar

It is for a good cause but still mortician and sexy are just not two words I usually combine in my head.

Also it is all about keeping someone who has cancer alive and, well isn’t that sort of ironic when the calendar is all guys who work with the dead? That cannot be good for business.


where the art work comes from :
that is snowy headstone by bosudd

24 Responses to sexy morticians?

  1. Maybe it’s all that embalming fluid that’s preserving them?

  2. This is so misleading.
    Everyone knows the Grave Diggers are hotter.
    Trust me on this.

  3. max

    Oh wow. Grave diggers would totally have hot arms and rippley abs. Wait, do they use shovels or backhoes? Backhoes do not exactly require hot ripley man muscles.

  4. Kym

    There’s more gravy than grave about most of those fellows. I do like men’s arms that show they work but not those bulgy extensions that look like they work out for a living–too self-absorbed looking.

    But the guy with the horse and the guy with the glasses were both real looking. Uh, real good looking ;>

  5. Max
    They work out so they’ll LOOK good when they run the machines- in fact when me and my friend heard the machines start up we’d find time to – ummm get some fresh air.

    Yes Indeedy fresh air

  6. max

    Wow. Who knew? [Okay Anita knew but it is all a surprise to me.]

  7. “That cannot be good for business.”


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  9. I’m torn between july or march. my son likes mr.february

  10. Last year’s was better; they all look like the Sexy Men of Rogaine this year.

    BTW did you know that undertakers have to wear gloves when they do their jobs not because their jobs are icky (which they are, of course) but rather because they put estrogen-rich cream on the “clients” to make them glow and look good, and if it gets onto their skin it gets into their systems and gives them moobs and shrinking naughty bits. It’s true!

  11. max

    I am afraid to ask how you know that.

  12. Wow.
    I used Cover Girl Makeup.
    No Moobs or shrinking naughty bits on me

  13. Max, how did you find this calendar?
    That’s all I want to know.

    Anita, my in-laws use Cover Girl too.

  14. max

    It is more fun to speculate than to know.

  15. Well- you could wonder why Morticians all seem to use Cover Girl Makeup.

  16. max

    Hmm. I am now suspicious. Two people I know who have immediate ties to the mortuary business say Cover Girl. Rain says estrogen cream. Either the mortuary business is much more high tech in Canada, or someone is making it up.

  17. max

    [Also, while I have only been to two open casket funerals in my life, I do not remember either person glowing, hmm.]

  18. Don’t be suspicious

    What Rain heard probably is true- ( about finding creative uses for all sorts of products ) Morticians- believe it or not- all have their little ‘beauty secrets’.

    I was great with Dental Floss and bronzing powder.

    It’s just that we don’t USUALLY get the chance to talk about it in public.

  19. My favorite is the broom stick for severed heads.

  20. Okay, so I don’t get my fingers slapped for straying off topic, I went and clicked on the undertaker dudes bios. Mr. January is the hottest.
    Funny, none of them look interesting in their suits.
    I guess that is shallow, but hey, there is only one good use for a tie.

  21. max


    Cripes. I so want to be cremated.

  22. Please tell me they’re alive?

  23. BTW, I’m stealing this. MUHAHAHA!

  24. max

    “Please tell me they’re alive?”

    So far so good.

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