sex symbol catastrophe


screen kissI had —

A movie star dream.

Probably the two most outstanding factors of me having a movie star dream are a, it almost never happens [seriously this is like movie star dream number four in my life] and b, my movie star dreams totally suck and not in good or fun way.

One movie star dream —





Not a sexed up vixen in a little French outfit either. Really the maid. Like the scrubbing toilets dusting furniture kind of maid.

[Who the hell dreams about a sex symbol and has to scrub the toilet?]

Another time I was stuck on a mountain in a truck with a dead battery and had to ask to borrow jumper cables. That is it. “Say, do you have any jumper cables?”

[Also that dumb movie star did not even have jumper cables. Who on a mountain does not have jumper cables? Okay me but it was a dream you cannot always be prepared in a dream hello.]

Another time? I had the door locked and told the movie star I was mad at him and not opening that door so just go away. [Okay this one does not count this was a friend which disqualifies sex symbol status and also I was mad at him so this dream sort of makes sense. But still!]

This new dream? A movie star and I had “a troubled relationship” and discussed “possible counseling.”

That is at least moving out of the may I dust your funiture or get help with the stupid truck zone into actually a personal relationship of sorts but still. What the hell is up with me and movie star dreams? This is just so wrong. If I am going to have some dumb dream about a sex symbol I should at least get torid sex out of it. I am putting my foot down from here on too. The next movie star who shows in my dream? Is putting out or else.

Dumb movie stars….


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20 Responses to sex symbol catastrophe

  1. Damn, I’d take a dream with a movie star, even if I was the maid.

    No, I am cursed with sleepwalking that leads to nothing having to do with any stars. I need to have a talk with the sandman.

  2. “That is it. “Say, do you have any jumper cables?” – LOL!

    So, any hints on who there movie stars were?

  3. [Um, “these”, not “there”]

  4. Talk about dreams with movie stars. Once I dreamed of Marilyn and me at the Trocadero in Paris. We were both on a pink Vespa scooter, before the Eiffel Tower and a pink-orange sunset. She was wearing water green knee-pants, and a pink shirt, tied just above her navel, one arm around me. Some dream. Some years ago. Must’ve eaten Pizza the evening before.

  5. It’s that comment chat about David Tennant that did this isn’t it?Anwyway, maybe he’ll put out cause he’s you know a… ( wink wink )

  6. max

    Wow, good dream Marcus.

    Michele, I am not telling.

    Anita, a Scot?

  7. max

    Dunnit just make you shiver in yer kilt?

  8. I don’t wear boys clothes!
    Well, you know on special occasions I might.

  9. Kym

    UH, Hello, Courtesy Phone for Sigmund Freud. Max calling for Sigmund Freud.

    I think a shrink could have a blast with you and your dreams’ relationship to the movie business.

    I’m stroking my chin and nodding thoughtfully. Feel free to unload.

  10. max

    Naw. I’ve never been dicked around by an actor. Suits and producers sure. An actress one time in there. A director one time nicked me pretty good too. Never an actor.

    Um. Knock wood.

  11. Kym

    Don’t you think the actor might be a symbol for the movie business as a whole.

    Symplistically: maid–feelings of outsiderness and working without being noticed.

    dead battery/jumper cables–can’t get your career as charged up as you would like (and who ever does?)

    door–Feeling closed out of the movie business and mad because they won’t let you in.

    Relationship–seems like in this dream you feel more of an insider but still feel the movie business and you are as close as you would like.

    Whew, how is that for a complete amateur making wild associations? Probably complete bollocks but if I were writing a story that is how I would play it.

  12. max

    I do not think it is work related.

  13. It’s David related.

  14. max

    Statue of David?

    You have a wicked memory Miss Anita Marie.

  15. A journal- it’s a wicked girl’s best friend.

  16. max

    So, um, Mirco, David, Howel, and Inuyasha are in your journal?


  17. max

    Do not get any ideas. I know where the Pez is.

  18. max

    I had real work dreams last night. Cripes. This is why I know the movie star dreams are not work dreams. Real work dreams are full of things I need to do and cannot do, dates I need to meet that are suddenly past and missed. I so hate these things.

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