seven freaking things


Okay the evil Faust just tagged me and I am going to cheat and pirate five freaking things because I am just like that and then maybe expand it so —


Seven Freaking Things You Do Not Need to Know About Me :

1. I drink. Like a maniac. I am probably black out drunk right now. Fuck, this drunk I might even have sex with you — say, are you male or female?

2. I sell drugs. To children. If you are over five forget it but hey, if you are a kid? How do you feel about cocaine?

3. I am really fond of priests. And math teachers. Will this be on the final exam? If I take off my clothes, will this be on the final exam? What the hell is a final exam anyway?

4. I smoke. Asbestos. It is fiber damn you.

5. I curse. A lot. At old people. In hospitals. Those dialysis bastards had it coming.

6. I mock cripples. Loudly. Over public address systems. “Yo! Gimp Boy. Over here.”

7. So while I was black out drunk selling drugs to four year olds and sexing it up with an old priest who taught math in my asbestos fiber sexy suit AND smoking while cursing out old people in the hospital and mocking a cripple over the public address system I had this thought: What is the meaning of life? Do not give me that old 42 rigamorole either that is lame and I have a microphone and am not afraid to use it.


Whew. Thank goodness that frenzy is over. Say, what were the questions again? Oh, right, seven things you do not know about me. I now officially tag —

Woeful | Stilletto | Pooks | Kitty | TJ | Frontier


I would tag Kym too but Faust already got her damn him.


0 Responses to seven freaking things

  1. This is the second time this week I get hit with this one.

    Okay. Let me go see what I can find out about myself that people might not know.

  2. max

    Oops. I was trying not to hit anyone who just got it. Sorry ’bout that.

  3. That’s okay, I’ll get to hit 12 people for one blog entry.

  4. max

    Cool a perfect opportunity to use your powers for evil. You are so smart.

  5. max

    Kitty, what is that avatar? Eew.

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  7. That is a halloween mask I saw in a shop last week.

    Now quit acting like you haven’t seen it, I come here all the time.

  8. max

    Hello that is a new avatar smart stuff.

  9. It’s about a couple of weeks old, avatar skipper overer.

  10. And I demand compliments on my bone structure, dammit.

  11. max

    Well I dunno you are so short it is hard to see it all the way down there. You sure you used to play basketball?

  12. Dan

    I’m NOT evil, dammit! Just misunderstood.

  13. max

    That is what all the evil guys say.

  14. You think I lied just to entertain you?

  15. Life is about seeing what comes next Max. Sigh, now I have to come up with something witty or truthful, Woe is I.

  16. Dan

    Don’t you want to try and reform me?

  17. max

    I would do it for you, Kitty.

    There there Woe.

    Dan, no way.

  18. We will shoot hoops next time I’m in LA.

    Remember the time the seven year-old whupped you? Oh flashback.

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  20. max

    That is really funny it includes Woe and I getting naked that so works for me.

  21. if you can combine all 7 points into one visit I’ll come see you

  22. There is no way I could top your answers. They are perfection.

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