september round up


Let’s do a round up of September, the month that is likely going to keep me running pretty hard here through November.

AFW September classes are right around the corner. These are online accelerated master classes in screenwriting.   Classes roll open September 16th.

Academy of Film Writing September Classes 2014:  The Sex Scene

Academy of Film Writing September Classes 2014: High Concept Writing

Academy of Film Writing September Classes 2014: The Art of the Pitch

There are still seats open in the AFW clsses but not for long.  Once classes roll open on September 16th, registration rolls shut.  Go sign up.


I’m teaching an online beginning screenwriting course with Gotham Writers also rolling open September 16th.  I don’t teach beginning classes very often.  If you’ve ever thought about getting your toes wet, now’s the time.  Hit that baby.

Gotham Writers Screenwriting I class taught by Max Adams begins September 16th

The Gotham class still has seats open but they are filling fast. 


Come October, I’ll be at the New Orleans Film Industry Expo.  If you’re at the Expo, stop by and say rawr!

New Orleans Film Industry Expo

Did you miss the AFW September Newsletter?  Crazy person!  Featuring 5150 and AFW movers and shakers?  What were you thinking?  Hit that baby.

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 1.31.53 PM

Did I leave anything out?  Probably.  Maybe you should hit the PushUp Social Page.  How do you do that, you ask?  Check the newsletter.  It is in there.



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