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pandoraSo I am revamping the political sites.

They got a little derailed back when my very nice but sort of out of his head on medication landlord started showing up in my bedroom at 7 am waving a gun around and never quite got pulled all back together after that but, it is time, an election is coming. Which probably won’t work unless someone actually points out, um, those ballot machines are rigged and you cannot win a rigged election no matter how many people vote or in which direction, it is still going to come out, well, rigged. Doy. I am not sure why nobody seems to be noticing that but there it is. Your vote doesn’t count if someone rigged the machines.

In spite of that, well, it is time to mock Bush and harass Fox News some more, i.e. wake the sites back up, so go visit and send us your dogs. And say, do not panic if you do not have a dog, you can go visit and send us your cats. And if you have no pets? None? At all. Go visit and write a mean letter to a Fox News sponsor.

Better yet, do all three.


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  1. I’m so glad you mentioned this, I keep forgetting to send in a photo of my other dog.

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