seemaxrun classes


So it is kind of my job to do this.

Promote my classes.

The SeeMaxRun classes are special to me because, well, doy, they are mine. And also the place I get to tell people the stuff nobody else ever tells anyone writing for film trying to break in just running off Syd Field and a prayer.

[Um. Good luck with that.]

Eight students means I have a solid class. Twelve students means I am not taking any more students for that class.

I can take two more students.

The class starts Jan 5.


:::the class:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from greendrz

0 Responses to seemaxrun classes

  1. Shamama

    If I had’t been a whistle-blower all my days, I’d have the money for this no problem. Next life I may come back as a corporate mogul instead of Joan of Arc incarnate.
    Anyhow, sounds wonderful, wish I could attend!
    You will be fabulous, incisive and effective I’m sure!
    Mega Aloha! Mary from FB

  2. nancyb

    I can’t bear not being part of the new class. Count me in.

  3. max

    Cool. I will add you to the roster it will be good to have you in class again yay!

  4. Can’t wait to get into Character. Get it? “Get into Character…”

    p.s. Nice snowflakes! : ) * * *

  5. max

    Jeez, now I have to call the pun police.

  6. C’mon, it’s a first and maybe last offense…

  7. max

    I hate turning in students and friends but rules are rules. [wink]

  8. Shamama

    I see there is one spot open ~ Hmmmmm~~~~

  9. Shamama

    OK, Now I’m trying to register ~ just send you an e-mail and await further instruction ~~~

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