cemetery by gligaWhen I was very young —

I watched my sister taken away. Then she was brought back. Then she was taken away again. And then she never came back.


My mother found a wallet. Okay I found it. I gave it to her. It had cash in it. It went away too.


When I became engaged, he did not want his parents to “hear from someone else.”

I still wonder about that girl at a party shouting “I would have your baby.”


I met a man. He wanted to see me. He did not want me to mention to the person who introduced us we were seeing each other though.


I told him I was over secrets.

He was engaged two weeks later.

The people who want me to keep secrets — always are lying to me.





where the art work comes from :
that is cemetery by ramona gliga — surprise more pinhole photography

6 Responses to secret

  1. Nothing scares me more then those three little words, ” please don’t tell “.


  2. Oooh, that was very good..and chilling.

    I especially like the mother/wallet secret.

  3. Kym

    The sister secret still makes me sad for Mikhaila whenever I let myself remember.

  4. max

    You know you are one of the few people on the north american continent who can spell that.

  5. ramona gliga

    Hi! I’m Ramona Gliga. Where did you find my work?
    Iteresting lyrics.

  6. max

    Hello, Gliga. I found your work doing google image searches for pinhole photography.

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