still taking pictures

Stilletto has said a hundred times [hyperbole yay!] this site needs a search option :


[Do not think that is easy either with a non-widget friendly theme.]

[Also I am adding an image here by request.]


where the art work comes from :
that is are you still taking pictures by MaleficusV

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  1. Conundrum

    I love your blog – I check it every day, maybe more. But I somehow feel deprived when you don’t add the “signature” picture component.

    What kind of sick statement does this make about me that I love what you write but I have “visual” deprivation without your purloined pics. I don’t even want to think about that.

    More importantly, what kind of sick & perverted statement does it make about you that you get me addicted to the pics and then….and then…nothing…nothing but words. I’m not sure I want to think about that either. Wait, I already did. Is there no hope for humanity?

  2. Do a search for the pic Conundrum.


  3. PS
    I see Susan’s Got A Friend in the Suck Group.

  4. max

    You know it takes longer sometimes to find the right image than it does to write the post?

    I keep thinking I should get another camera so I can just go out and shoot stuff instead of hunting for it sometimes.

  5. That’s what I’m doing to do- the weird I’m finding on the net isn’t quite cutting it anymore.

  6. max

    You find some serious weird on the net Anita if you can find more weird in your environment that is saying something.

  7. I vote for the camera! I use a sony digital that was a “special buy” for Target…. The little screen sucks! it gives new meaning to point and shoot…. You can’t tell if it’s any good until you upload it. Both Zach and I love the adventure it brings…. Every now and then we do things just to get the photo. I keep thinking of a camera AJ recommended to Kitty… it’s on my list of things to put on my list….LOL

  8. I love that – “what do you seek?” – lol.

  9. Very cool, Max, but does this mean I have to search for “search” now since it’s in a post?

    I think we are back at square one…

    Anita, you are one smart cookie.

  10. max

    No, goof, it is a page with a link in the top menu and a link under max stuff too.

  11. “goof” he he he

  12. Slick. A very clever workaround.

    Also, I hear ya on the pix. You could spend your life on Flickr if you’re not careful.

  13. max


    I blame EngTech for the photos. He wrote a piece back around the time I shifted to WordPress titled something like “you can be a good example or a horrible warning” which was funny to me so I clicked to see what it was all about and it was about blogging and he had a cute cat so I read the post and one of the things he said was put up photos — which I never did — and I thought, Okay that might be fun. And now it is tradition. Kind of like this bar I worked in where people came in just to see what I was wearing, now people come to the blog just to see what photo I am posting.

  14. If you get a camera you can combine them….. post photos of what you are wearing…

  15. max

    Um. I wore more to go into the bar than I usually wear to work at the computer.

  16. You are the greatest! I am scrolling the internet for laughs and the best one is waiting right here on your super blog! But since you put it like that…. just get a web cam! LOL

  17. max


    [you crack me up]

  18. max

    I do not know how you cruise sites Conundrum so just in case —

    I put an image in here so you will not feel robbed.


  19. Sexy pic!

    Reminds me of The Fifth Element!

  20. max

    Oh that is one of my favorite films.

    Those costumes were all done by Guatier too.


  21. I am so dying my hair that shade of red now…

  22. Janie, I bet you would be ravishing. Now, would that be…red all over?

  23. max

    To do that shade right you have to bleach it white first, I am saying go for the mane and wax you do not want to risk those kinds of chemical burns.

  24. Well of course, Stil. If you’re going to do it, you might as well go all the way! And I love to go all the way!


    I laugh in the face of danger, and I happen to be immune to chemical burns. I’m an anti-flapdoodle avenger. Don’t tell anyone though. This is my secret identity.

    Kisses to you both

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