screenwriter -- hero of action


screewnriter hero of action

In the way of most people who discover a new super power [wow, I am God, I can post a YouTube movie on the blog] I am about to go crazy with my new super power and vulgarly abuse it when —

The author of screenwriter hero of action makes some rule you can not embed the movie instead you must go to Youtube.

Generally I would say, Wow, bad move screenwriter hero of action guy, I kind of get industry traffic but —

This is totally hillarious to me so I am going to post it anyway.

[it really does rock]

[and i really should not post it but i will anyway because i am just a rebel]

[also i am posting it early, hey, i have dinner plans tomorrow, it is the holidays, quit it]

[p.s. if you are dense and still looking for the link, it is screenwriter hero of action ]


4 Responses to screenwriter — hero of action

  1. Now that is some action. Why wouldn’t someone allow an embed? Crazy. Cool video. Now go check out the one I left for you on my blog.

  2. max

    I love that piece. He has a Mac. And beer. That so cracks me up.

  3. aj

    tis Xmas here in the upside down country, so…. MERRY CHRISTMAS MAX

    I am being a blog slut and Merry Christmasing my way through my contact list tonight.

  4. max

    So, just how many glasses of Christmas cheer are required to announce publicly that you are a “blog slut”?

    Drunken blogging night was not even as much fun as Christmas.

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