cat collar




How many of these —

Do I have to hunt up?

There are not a lot of good cat collar images on the net you know.





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  1. Yet another “special occasion”, eh?

    Max, you must be on a roll.

  2. max

    I wish I had a clue who kidkid is.

    Janie, naw. Cats on the blog usually means in my cat-like opinion someone should be paying more attention to me.

  3. Really?

    heh. When the collars started going up a while back, I connected it to your special occasion comment.

    Crap. Here I thought every time a cat collar went up, Max was about to get laid.



  4. Stiletto

    “Janie, naw. Cats on the blog usually means in my cat-like opinion someone should be paying more attention to me.”

    Ok. I’m here! heeheehee

  5. Me too.

    Hey Max, early this morning there was this car that ran into a tree right across the street from my house and the Fire Department had to cut the guy out of his car ( he was okay…which is good )

    But guess WHO pulled my the curtains down in my bedroom and clawed the paint from around my window trying to get outside?

    Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a box that Meows this weekend. Actually it won’t… SOMEONE meowed himself hoarse.


  6. max

    Poor Insanity. So many firemen, so little time.

  7. One of these days I’m going to figure out Insanity and the Firemen Thing- it haunts me, it really does

  8. max

    I am sure it haunts the firemen worse.

  9. “Poor Insanity. So many firemen, so little time.”

    I feel her pain. Very much..a copycat feeling.

  10. max

    I keep envisioning Insanity up in a tree at a young age minding his own business and some fireman climbing a ladder and dragging him down. Insanity’s eyes flashing. And the muttered cat curse, “I will destroy you and all your kind.”

  11. In the day Insanity DID spend a lot of time in our Cherry Tree. Sometimes I’d be sitting there reading a book and a little mouse tail or bird head would just sort of plop to the ground.

    I never looked up.

    But I’ll give you this…if you had dragged him down, sure he’d call forth the legions of Hell.

    For Fun.

  12. Maybe this is why everything goes awry on Rescue Me.

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