save the wolves -- again dammit


wolfCripes. They are at it again.

From the NRDC: Last spring the Bush Administration moved to strip gray wolves in the Northern Rockies of their endangered species protection and leave them vulnerable to mass killing. In September, it withdrew that plan under legal pressure from NRDC. Now, in its final days in office, the Bush Administration wants to ram through a new “License to Kill” plan that could lead to the massacre of hundreds of wolves in the Northern Rockies.

Please help stop this from happening by going to the NRDC page and lodging an official citizen comment:



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  1. Done.

    I cannot wait until that man is out of office.

  2. This plan has to make Sarah “The Shooter” Palin plenty happy.

  3. Done and done. My only complaint: now the e-mail pleads for donations will flood my in-box. Mind you, I’ve been unemployed for almost four years, but my wife and I manage to donate to nine different animal-related organizations.

    We’re very proud and happy to do so.

  4. Over here Peter Stormare (Prison break etc) recently did a movie called WOLF about the “wolves issues” in Sweden, he should do a remake and set it in the Northern Rockies

  5. max

    Thank you Till, Michele, and Fork.

  6. New GOP slogan:
    Wolves, there what’s for dinner!

  7. I have been following this issue since the NRDC brought it to light. I have signed and donated, though I wish I could do more. I thought after the Bush Administration “gave up” in court, the wolves would be safe. I had a feeling it was too good to be true.

  8. max

    It feels like the wolves have been under attack my whole lifetime. It never stops. It slows down, pauses, and starts again. For no good reason.

  9. ‘This plan has to make Sarah “The Shooter” Palin plenty happy.’

    Oh boy. I was thinking the same.

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