save the testosterone


arthur clive owen

I have been worried about —

The boys of Beats Entropy.

Their fearless leader has been tragically mia and now the boys at Beats are wandering in the desert talking about —

[brace yourselves]

Heterosexual man crushes on the OC.


Clearly this was an emergency I ran-did-not-walk to YouTube to find Arthur clips to prop up testosterone levels in the blogosphere which are clearly out of whack and I get to YouTube and —

All the Arthur YouTube clips are set to Enya and girly tunes and Celine Dion.


You cannot mix manly man battles with girly tunes and Celine Dion.

That is too wrong.


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  1. You are so right max. Manly battles and Celine Dion do not mix. In fact, music and Celine Dion do not mix. Nothing personal Canada, it’s just how I feel. For me the movie “Titanic” sucks Rearrange these words into a well known phrase or saying. “Shit Bag Of”.

  2. Testosterone seems to be a dying art (even though we girls produce it ouselves(a little known fact)). I am still waiting for a manly man to sweep me into his arms. Even if it does put his back out!

  3. Right on, max.

    They should be set to manly man music, like “Another One Bites the Dust” and “We Are the Champions” and shit.


  4. There is a collective stink in the air and it’s called political correctness. Here we have open discussions on heterosexual man crushes and here I am striving to leg press four hundred pounds and gain manly muscles. I doubt evolution was supposed to go this route.

  5. max

    Martyne, definitely, Celine is so anti-manly-man-music.

    Kate, write on the chalk board “I will not confuse Arthur and Highlander” fifty times [with chalk Kate] and also no Queen for a week.

    Stil, the Beats boys politically correct? That cannot be. Clearly some dark force is at work.

  6. max

    [ps : some freak with a death wish buzzed my door like five times before 8 am what kind of sadistic freak would do that?]

  7. What kind of sadistic freak? Let’s see, in your building, it’s more like who WOULDN’T do that?

  8. Clearly this is an off month for many. Wonder how the stars are lined up.

  9. max

    “Let’s see, in your building, it’s more like who WOULDN’T do that?”

    Good point. Last night upstairs neighbor guy was raging at someone in the street about stealing his cell phone and how he was going to fuck the guy’s mother. He was raging from the upstairs balcony so it kind of carried. Sigh.

    Okay whatever you do do not check Susan. That is just bad luck.

  10. Susan – evil astrologer/temptress/daughter of little mom. Was that her name? Little Mom?

    Wait a minute – which upstairs neighbor guy – the one that seems the most normal? HE said that?

  11. max

    Yes, that Susan but we are afraid to talk about Little Mom she was fading fast.

    Also yes, that upstairs neighbor guy, the one who has good manners when he talks to me but also goes out and gets in street fights and has the taser he is a fightey guy and swears like a Turk it is very inventive and descriptive.

    Hey, though, Domestic Violence Guy moved out.

  12. Ahhhh. DVG moved out.

  13. Hey…I thought those guys were going to go after the American Idol people…wow,I’m stunned.
    Not shocked- just stunned.

  14. californiablogging

    I am glad DVG is gone! I think he was testosterone vampire, whimping out the rest of his kind.

  15. max

    DVG is still in the neighborhood but he is not on the other side of my wall any more so no more troublesome shouting and cursing from him yay!

    It is really really nice having him gone.

  16. I’ve been camping in the woods.
    I take no credit or blame for my friends masculinity.

  17. max

    Sure sure, wander into the woods with the TV remote tucked into your pack and then shed responsibility when all the boys of Beats have watched for weeks is OC reruns because who knows how to change the channel without the remote?

  18. When did DVG move out?

    I swear sometimes reading your blog is like As the World Turns. Not that I’m into soaps [deny deny].

    I wonder who AJ went camping with, and if he killed anything to eat.

  19. max

    I am not sure exactly when he moved out. I knew something was up when a whole week went by with no yelling or blaring sound. DVG is incapable of a solid week of quiet so something was up. Then two weeks went by. I figured he had to be gone there was no other explanation. And sure enough. Gone. Yay!

  20. max

    [AJ has not posted photos for us in forever I think he should post camping photos.]

  21. Yes, admittedly, I can never get enough AJ pics.

    Maybe somebody killed DVG and his body is just waiting to be discovered.

  22. max

    DVG lives. There have been DVG sightings.

  23. max

    Ooh la la. Eating cake with sassy redheads.

    [You used that photo to prove you are still a man right?]

  24. That must have been some good cake.

    AJ looks as if he is on ecstasy.

    Did I say on? I meant in. In ecstasy.

    I bet it was finger licking good.

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