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Much like the role of Varla in Faster Pussy Cat Kill! Kill! Kill! played by Tura Satana, the tramp is a woman that no man can resist. At least once, until he learns his lesson. A wild woman who loves fast cars and isn’t afraid to stab somebody…the tramp explains nothing…to no one.

She is confident in leather or just nothing at all. The tramp is also physically and mentally stronger than you and will let you know if you get out of line.

The tramp doesn’t need to know your name, only if you have the guts to hang with her. Bikers tend to be the only men who cut the mustard. She loves all weapons and fast cars. A predatory female, the tramp is a sexually supercharged woman who ruthlessly takes out her anxieties on any man who crosses her path, or is lured into her “web.”

The tramp carries in her purse: fortune cookies, a switchblade her grandmother gave her, a wrench in case the car needs work or her man needs a clunk on the head, chicklets and pasties. She doesn’t like any man enough to even think of marrying one.

The Green Orchid is the Vixen flower…
and the Rocker is the one man who get her engines running!

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where the art work comes from :
that is from b88pie

where i nabbed that quiz :
i nabbed that quiz at vixnens wait i mean grace’s

0 Responses to sassed by a quiz

  1. Kym

    Whoa, somehow I can’t see you with a Biker….

  2. max

    Well, yeah, I will not even get on a motorcycle. That would be sort of problematic.

  3. Kym

    Ahem, I took the damn quiz too. And I answered all the tame answers like What do I do? Wife and Mother, etc. And, according to it, I am a TRAMP…

    First it orders me to Submit, then it calls me a tramp, then it tells me how bad I am…Whew, I fanned myself and said, “Oh, la la talk to me dirty some more, I love it when you’re so masterful.” Some people have to pay money for this kind of sex play.

  4. max

    Ha ha, in the tramp corner you go. We have lemonaide.

  5. I am THE QUEEN.

    Sophia Loren came from humble beginnings, but its a known fact she is the “Queen of All Sex Symbols.” The queen is a woman that has a high revere for those things made well and are expensive.

    The queen also has an aura that is warm, earthy, and maternal. She is the type of woman who would arrive in a horse-drawn carriage to open the Summer sale at London’s Harrods department store.

    Beauty contests are not unfamiliar to the queen, but she has moved past those days. Related to politicians and royalty, she knows her place in the world. Men love to lavish her with jewels, cars, furs and even a custom-made, 14-karat-gold toilet seat to protect that beautiful bum.

    The queen carries in her purse: a memo pad from Asprey and Garrad, a slim Tiffany blue ball point pen, ink marks from a Tiffany blue ballpoint pen, and wayward stones from jewelry she means to have repaired. There is only one man for her – the king of her castle.

    The White Rose is the Queen’s flower…
    and the Playboy is her kind of man!”

    Hmm… not too bad…

  6. max

    Damn. That is a good one.

  7. I thought so too, [smile.]

  8. Damn if my nipples aren’t hard after reading that.

    What sort of guy is one who doesn’t mind being beaten or otherwise humiliated by the Tramp? Just so I know what to call myself….

  9. max

    I think that is called Easy. I could be wrong.

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