sasquatch is in the house


thicker than thievesSomething horrible —

Has happened to my ftp connection. I suspect it has something to do with my incredibly web unsavvy building management and their incredibly bad building server and the incredibly not efficient IT team that allegedly services a server I can only guess they bought on sale at Ikea or something. And, for the moment, I cannot even update Seemaxrun, let alone other sites I supervise, because the fun IT people have totally fucked up the port servers and now the connections out are blocking all ftp access and sending. You gotta love Creative Environments. They put the “creative” back into the internet experience.

Meanwhile, I can access the blog. Oh irony of ironies. The blog is so much newer than the site which is years old, I am afraid to think how many years old. And the message board. Just not my damn site. This makes me curse a lot. But —

My friend Brian’s band Thicker Than Thieves is coming to town and playing at The Whiskey in Hollywood June 29th. Brian’s nickname is Sasquatch and I have never asked exactly why his nickname is Sasquatch but it is and the band is great and of course I will be there you might want to check them out: Thicker Than Thieves.

See you at the show. Oh, and buy tickets early because word is they are bringing a party bus up from San Diego and the San Diego party people might hog tickets.

Love and Kisses,

Your I Will Be Dancing This Month Adams Girl

*Note, okay, that is the wrong date, I will be dancing July 29, not June 29. My bad.


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  1. I love the names Sasquatch and Thicker Than Thieves.
    And it is past time for you to dance the night away.–>

  2. If you want to rid yourself of Sasquatch call a film crew- it’ll hide or take off and you’ll get your computer back.

    IT people know they’re Gods…cruel, cruel Gods.
    How do I know? Because some of them are related to me and THEY TOLD ME!


  3. max

    Oh you are not related to Sasquatch you are too little you are making that up.

    That show was actually cancelled. They did not make it to Hollywood till way later when they played the Viper Room.

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