sasquatch goes to hollywood

My buddy Brian [aka Sasquatch do not ask I either do not know or will not tell you and that is the same] is playing at The Viper Room this coming Thursday. He is in the band Thicker Than Thieves. It is a good time. Go see him.

I am going to put a you tube in here too. There is not enough Brian in there but there is a hot tatooed girl in a bikini and when you see a whole lot of blonde hair flashing around with a guitar that is Bri.


*hey guys, next time you do a vid, more bri love

7 Responses to sasquatch goes to hollywood

  1. One of the best band names ever. They have a good sound, Max.

  2. max

    They are great and Brian is special people it looks like I will be dancing on Thursday.

  3. Love that reggae-ness. And yes, they definitely need more Bri there, he’s got lovely hair.

  4. Less tattoo bikini girl and more Sasquatch would work better for me. Have a good time, Max. Glad you are going, you need a good fun break like this. Don’t wear a mini-skirt if you plan on crowd surfing.

  5. max

    Oh I do not think they crowd surf at The Viper Room. And I definitely do not crowd surf. Hopefully Bri’s girlfriend will be there and I can hang with her somewhere obscure.

  6. This has a reggae feel and makes me feel stoned. I like it a lot.

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