sarah palin kills christmas


This is very funny to me but do not play it if little kids are around I am still in trouble for the dead Frosty card my cousin opened in front of her son.




where i got that aberrant youtube :
i got that at the queen o’ aberrant rain’s

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  1. that is one deer I wouldn’t be able to eat.

    Send me that dead Frostie card.

  2. max

    I do not have it I sent out all of those dead Frosty cards. Then I got yelled at so hard I sort of stopped sending Christmas cards. Oops.

    [That means you Beth. Yes, you killed my Christmas spirit. Stamped it out. Tromped it dead.]

  3. Reindeer is quite tasty, and it keeps the rest of them in line, let me tell you!

  4. Dan

    Maybe I’m dead inside, but there’s really nothing funnier than seeing beloved holiday icons taken out like Old Yeller.

  5. I’m with Dan.
    On the other hand when I get those chocolate bunnies I only eat the heads.I leave the rest. I think it’s funny.

  6. That fucking reindeer had it coming, what with his nose so bright and all that shit.

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