speaking of salt water crocs


I heard this salt water crocs story in a marine science class. It really helps get this story if you have seen a photo of salt water crocs converging on an island at night. All these prehistoric crocs, what looks like a hundred of them, all with their eyes glowing in moonlight coming up the beach at night. That is the sort of image you do not forget. Anyway —

Salt water crocs hunt at night and in packs. Big packs. And they have heat sensors in their noses. [Which is almost as cool as sharks having electricity signal sensors in their noses.] And this is a World War II story, these two American pilots got shot down over the Pacific Islands. And there are a lot of those little islands out there in the Pacific. Half of them no one has ever seen or even heard of or explored half of them are not even on maps. So the American soldiers make it to one of these little islands and have no idea if anyone can even find them there but they are ready to shout, Yay! Saved! Because at least they are out of the sea and on land. Except this particular island a group of Japanese soldiers is hiding out on. So the American soldiers are in so much trouble, they made land, but hello, enemy occupied territory. So they hide. And that night they climb into a tree to avoid detection. And it gets very very dark.

The machine gun fire starts when it is very very dark. And the grenades. And the yelling.

In the morning they come out of their tree.

All the Japanese soldiers are gone. They were armed. With machine guns. With grenades. There were a lot of them. But the salt water crocs came out of the sea that night and took them all.

Luckily for the American soldiers salt water crocs are not real interested in radios. The American soldiers borrowed one of the left behind radios and called home.

And got out of there before dark.


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  1. Oh WOW this is a great story, I’m going to tell it on Christmas to my family, they’re going to love it- probably what they’ll love most is I’m not the one who came up with it.

    My family will be so grateful they’ll probably send you an Ocean of Pepsi- diet right? But it’s Christmas so they’ll probably send chocolate too.

  2. Kym

    I agree. That is a great creepy story. My hair feels like its trying to crawl off to some place safe.

  3. max

    Pepsi? Gah! No. Diet Coke.

  4. Drew

    DAMN Max! That’s a GREAT story!! Also sounds like a script, at least for a TV episode.

    For some reason it reminds me of Quint’s tale about the USS Indianapolis. His WWII shark attack monologue.


  5. max

    Thanks Drew. That one comes from Dr. Tom Garrison at Orange Coast College. [My profs at OCC had the best stories.]

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