sag monday


tv violenceIt is SAG Monday.

This is the day Screen Actor’s Guild [SAG] sends out its strike authorization ballot and announces the strike authorization time table.

Actors have been working for half a year without a new contract while SAG tried to negotiate with AMPTP and SAG tried pretty hard but appaently AMPTP is being just as dickish with the actors as it was with the writers.

What a strike means to you : Good-bye Oscars. Good-bye shows.

What a strike means to Hollywood : We are all going to starve.


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0 Responses to sag monday

  1. I hope they get what they want quickly.

  2. max

    Well any chance of “quickly” was over six months ago when the contract expired without any agreement being reached.

  3. It’s been so long I nearly forgot about it…

  4. I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this.

  5. max

    It is so not good.

  6. Kym

    Uh oh, time for a care package of cookies and soda.

  7. Please tell me this doesn’t mean more ‘reality’ shows are in our future. Oh god, please. No. I really can’t afford THAT much vodka.

  8. Aw hell. As a viewer, I am with forkboy. As someone with many friends in the industry, I worry about them and their livelihood. Aw Hell.

  9. Dear god no…people might have to start reading!

  10. I knew there was a reason I got rid of cable. My rabbit ears can’t even pick up on the regular channels! Guess if I have to suffer…

    Okay, seriously? That sucks although I’m sure some crazy right wing lunatics are gleeful at the idea of Hollywood starving.

  11. aj

    I will send food parcels.

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  13. max

    Okay. Some responses are sincere here. Some are not. I have nothing nice to say about that so I am not going to say anything.

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