rupertThis is Rupert.

He is a friend’s dog. This photo is just too great.

To me that photo of Rupert is so damn cute he had to make a second appearance on .

I am such a sucker for Rupert dogs.


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  1. What a handsome dog. Perfect name for him, too.

    Hey, you know I can’t click on those doggy photos on dogshatebush when I’m using Sarari? I have to use Netscape. Wonder if I’m missing a plug in?

  2. max

    He is truly the cutest dog. Peter, his owner, was all jazzed the logo dog for the dogs hate bush site was a bull terrier, because he has Rupert. I had to tell him I had a hot crush on the Keene Eddie dog and that is why I drew a bull terrier for the site logo dog.

    It is probably a safari pop up blocker fighting the java code on the site that is stopping the dogs from opening up.

  3. I bet Peter makes a lot of new friends hanging out with Rupert.

    That bull terrier, though. I can’t imagine the site without his mug on the front page. Sorry Rupert.

  4. max

    You mean the dog on the front page of dogs hate bush? That is Pandora, she is a Staffordshire Terrier — which is a polite way of saying Pitt Bull. She is pretty damn cute too. She is the cover girl. And her partner in crime Gunther is the Dog O’ The Month right now. The logo dog though is a bull terrier you can see him at:

  5. aj

    Super cute pooch. I’m going with cheeky as hell too.

  6. Oh my. Death by cute.

  7. That is some cute dog. Loving the look in his eyes too.

  8. Yeah, Pandora, she is awesome. Love the logo too. Don’t see it too often. Must be this browser not showing me everything.

  9. Oh hes beautiful! I suppose if I got another dog we would be completely outnumbered… sigh.

  10. What a cutie.

    I am such a sucker for dogs.

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