run olga run!


I so wish I thought this was made up. Tragically, I have no problem believing it is real.




*clearly any woman who does not call this man back has psychological problems what else could explain it?


where i nabbed that voicemail :
i nabbed that voice mail at ms. pants’

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  1. *bangs head against desk repeatedly*

    Christ on a cracker who actually says shit like that?

  2. max

    Um. Men in Los Angeles.

  3. LOL… I saw/heard this posted at Reddit a few days ago. I think he’s an agent!

  4. Olga is being so vengeful by bleeping out his phone number. I was totally going to write that down.

  5. Billy

    I had no idea my neighbor was released from jail.

  6. max

    That is pretty funny let’s keep Billy.

  7. max: the sad truth is, this man lives in my country. He is a Torontonian.

  8. max

    I so believe that Rain, some of those Canada guys. Hmm.

    Janie, how did you end up in the moderation que? Have you changed addresses?

  9. I think this is the first time I’ve ever LISTENED to a train wreck on tape.

  10. Yup. I changed Email addresses, max. WordPress sees that as a new commenter.

    I’m at Gmail now because I got sick of Yahoo shoving its pay service down my throat and annoying me with the forced advertising frame in the mailbox window.

    Then, on top of all that, it started to hang all the time.

    Buh bye Yahoo.

  11. max

    Stil, does this mean you did not listen to a guy witnesses an accident? That was funny as hell.

  12. I think I was having speaker difficulties that day.

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