rumors of my demise are premature

You have been wondering where I am, right?

I did not mean to go MIA on you all. I have been teaching with the Eastside Youth Content Creators Program here in San Antonio. EYCCP! Yay!

Classes start early in the morning which is normal for other people but not for vampires like me and I have been setting alarms and rolling out of bed at very not normal hours for me to trot into classrooms and huff coffee while saying things like “if it’s not moving on the screen it’s not a movie it’s radio.”

It has been totally worth it too we have ten student shorts to shoot now yay!

Today was my last day in the classroom, next week students start with the production instructors and come September? Come September, we will have a red carpet event and get to see all the shorts. Yay yay yay!

Stay tuned for Red Carpet news in September. And also, you know, my ramblings between then and now I do not plan to abandon you entirely in between now and then.

2 Responses to rumors of my demise are premature

  1. Doug Solter

    That’s really cool, Max! They look like a talented group. I’m happy you’re working with the young people in your community. Their natural enthusiasm can be infectious. (In a good way) Take care and all the best!

  2. seemaxrun

    Thank you, Doug!

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