rose red


opheliaYou are —

A Dark Red Rose

You represent : Unconscious beauty and deep passion.

Your vibe is : Sophisticated and worldly.

Falling in love with you is : Wildly carnal and forbidden.


:::what color rose are you::


ps : do not think the irony is lost on me this is a post about a red rose and i chose a b&w photo


where the art work comes from :
that is ophelia dreamer by francis a. willey

16 Responses to rose red

  1. Orange.
    You represent desire and enthusiasm
    Your vibe: Sexy yet familiar
    Falling in love with you: happens instantly – it’s a fast ride

    Which means, “you are so married, woman.”

  2. Pink.
    You represent sweetness and grace.
    Your vibe: Kind and gentle
    Falling in love with you: is like falling in love with a best friend

    How boring.

  3. sulya

    I got the same as you Michele. I hear you on the boring too.. Though I will happily accept “kind” and “gentle”… There are worse things to be called…

  4. Kym

    Kitty apparently this quiz pegged us. Oh so Married.

  5. max

    Oh I like orange roses. Passion tempered with friendship.

  6. You Are a White Rose

    You represent youthfulness and purity.

    Your vibe: Sweet and heavenly

    Falling in love with you: is like falling in love for the first time

    White flowers get used in a lot of Funeral Flower Arrangements.
    Just sayin’.

  7. max

    “Sweet and heavenly”


  8. Makes you wonder if I played with that one, doesn’t it?



  9. max

    You threatened the quiz, right?

  10. I thought it would be more of a challange…whoops did I say that out loud?

  11. Kym

    Yep definitely a difference between anita and me…I see the SUBMIT and quiver in fear. Anita twists its nose until it surrenders the answer she desires.

  12. White rose. Awwwww. White roses are my favorite flower, too.

  13. I too am a dark red rose. Suiting, considering I have two dozen from Valentine’s Day in the trash!

    [I don’t have a green thumb whatever that means].

    Max, that first question is going to haunt me all day. I see a post coming. Thanks.

  14. max

    Oh good I have been missing your posts.

    Sulya, ooh la la, that is a very sassy new avatar.

  15. sulya

    Just caught this max – thank you for the ooh la la – I’m enjoying it as a change [flipping hair back dramatically (wink)]…

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