rockin' girl


blondieSo Jen awarded me —

The Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

[Okay what is this about again?]

I cannot think of any girl more rockin’ than Blondie she gets the photo op spot.

Now I think I am supposed to come up with more rockin’ girl blogger people.

[Oh no. More links.]

Jen did Stiletto | Kitty | Anita

I will do Pants | Rain | Blete | JanieBelle | Bagel

Thank you for the awad Jen.



28 Responses to rockin’ girl

  1. Hugs AND smooches from Anita Marie Jen


  2. max

    The next person who addresses a comment to Jen via my site dies. Clear?

    You want to talk to Jen, go to Jen’s.

  3. max

    That is not funny no one else will know you are doing that Anita Marie. Also pissing me off is maybe a mistake since I am maybe — forget it, just quit it.

  4. She’s Nikita, bitch. Don’t piss her off.

    I saw Debbie Harry not too long ago, and she still rocks. I shall endeavor not to let the side down, but as I am Canadian, is it okay if I only do “Finger rocking”?

  5. Wow. Thank you Max. I’m feeling very rockin’ pink now.

    Especially after last night’s festivities… and the after-festivities festivities…

    Very rockin’ pink.



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  7. max

    Rockin’ pink is good. Wait, pink is a metaphor, right? Bad girl.

    Anita, I am sorry. I should not have snapped at you. I am surly and restless and that is not your fault.

  8. so i was right when i said you rock…congrats

  9. i got mail

    you got mail

  10. Okay Max, it’s okay…but honest I wasn’t pranking your blog- if it looked that way I’m sorry. But I swear that’s NOT what I was doing.

    I’m not a bitch- maybe a little around the edges but not full on.


  11. I wondered how you were going to deal with all of that bright pink. Blondie! Yep that works.
    Looks like she’s wearin a rockin version of your scrumpit, no …..strumpet and pink.

  12. max

    Anita we are all good.

    Jen, yeah, the pink was a little bright for around here. [smile]

  13. Bad? Who me? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    I was referring to the pink in the award.

    (I am so getting struck by lightning for that one…)

    Anyone want to take my confession?


  14. max

    I can see priests wrestling now over who gets to take your confession.

  15. Did I just catch a girl fight? Still not sure what happened.

    BTW, Raincoaster hates memes. But I will give the first person who can make her actually do one twenty dollars.

  16. Max go eat some nachos. It’s an order! lol

  17. Did anyone see Deborah Harry when she just got her face lift? She tried singing Rapture on the tele and it sort of a…well, visual disaster.

  18. max

    Oh that is too bad. Deborah Harry is beautiful. I would hate to see that face messed up.

  19. thank thee kindly max even though i am kind of lost in the world of bloggers. but Debbie Harry rocks!

  20. and girls, next time you have a showdown, sell tickets. I’ll be there with the popcorn.

  21. Jen did me too. I just found out.

  22. max

    Clearly Jen has excellent taste.

  23. I should tag myself. I could use twenty bucks.

    I’ve actually lost track of who tagged me for what. I know there’s this one from max, and five eateries from envelope filter, and the eight things…was that from you, SG? I may just mash them all up together and do Eight rocking eateries or Five Savory Chicks or something. But I wanna get the links straight at least.

  24. max

    Well you are on the Rockin’ Blogger Girl list here. There is a cute pink badge of honor that goes with that but I did not post it here it is a too bright for here.

  25. yes, it was too bright for here but ….. I almost cursed you for making me sing blonde songs all day long. Finally it stopped so you are safe but that was a close one!

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