robo bunny yay!


smorkin labbitRobo Bunny Yay!

Technically known as “smorkin labbit.”

Hey I cannot make this stuff up.

Michele found the smorkin labbit. Which to me will always be Robo Bunny.

I should so work for these people. I was the original teach your dog to smoke girl.


13 Responses to robo bunny yay!

  1. I love that picture!

  2. sulya

    I’m thinkin’ if we could sick the robo bunny smorkin labbit on `ginormo’ we might be on to something. I mean, look at those eyes, that smoke. I mean the bunny looks like it might even have stubble no?

    What say you max? Could robo bunny take ginormo?

  3. max

    I think the big robo bunny could maybe take Ginormo. The little robo bunny? I am not putting money on it.

  4. sulya

    So, $4320.00 and ginormo is toast! Now, we need only find a way to make some quick cash without becoming indebted to someone who breaks knee caps…. hmmm…

  5. max

    I say we auction off dates with TJ. He is a hot young stud we can raise cash in no time.

  6. i wonder if roscoe would go for that? itdoesn’t look like an ankle, but maybe…

  7. max

    Rosco is not picky Rosco went for a water dish what do you think?

  8. good point…I’ll just get him a Tonka truck. They really are damn near indestructible.

  9. aj

    I think Ginormo would use Robo Bunny as a foot stool.

  10. Hey, maybe Robo Bunny could get a picture of Ginormo!

  11. max

    Well. Truthfully [cover your eyes robo bunny] Ginormo would turn the robo bunny into an hors de ouvre.

  12. Wait till I show this to my Sister, she’s NOT going to believe it’s real

    You know how that goes Max…she can’t believe much of what I say.

    Oh well, my bad.

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