ride little monkey ride!


I totally need a break from strike stuff — which is only going to get more grim — and hello here it is Whiplash yay!

[Whiplash is a cowboy monkey who rides a dog and yes that is a real monkey and also a real dog.]




Also because you just cannot get enough Whiplash, more Whiplash yay!




where i nabbed whiplash :
kitty spotted whiplash at the rodeo

the whiplash page :
[whiplash so needs a better web designer]

5 Responses to ride little monkey ride!

  1. My kids have already told me they will defenestrate me if I watch that video one more time.
    :::making sure the coast is clear::
    Click. Floor.

    The music in here is just perfect.

  2. max

    Oh sheesh they have the power of weight and numbers but YOU have the weight of shoes and checkbook. You so totally win. Watch it again.

  3. I’ve been playing Thanksgiving Hangman- I’m not sure what to make of the skeleton with the Pilgram Hat, but my best friend is Native American and when we play it she spells stuff wrong on purpose.


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