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Off your fucking blog.

Stop posting about me.

Stop posting to me.

Stop emailing me.

Stop using moderation as a delusional email substitute.

Stop “accidentally” breaking into my workshop chats under assumed identities.

Stop following and overposting on friends’ and people whom I link to’s blogs.

Stop writing vignettes about my dead suicided friends and me. Stop writing essays about —

Just. Fucking. Stop.

I do not want or desire friendship, intimacy, contact, attention, or private or public correspondence with or from you.

Go. The. Fuck. Away.

And do it now.


You finally got my attention freak boy. Are you enjoying it yet?
Also didn’t you promise in May to go away? What about “egregious” wasn’t clear two fecking months ago?


where the art work comes from :
that is one beautiful ass shot by theresa manzanares
‘subtext’ provided by max