revenge of the brownie


So I get down —

To 119 pounds.

Then I hover.

And hover.

Then I go to a Nicholl lunch.


There are brownies at the Nicholl lunch.

At first I spurn the brownies. But the brownies sit there. Taunting me. All through lunch.

Finally, I look at a brownie.

The brownie is perfect. It has lots of walnuts and lots of chocolate and has papery dark chocolate powder all over it. The kind of papery dark chocolate powder that dusts your hands and face if you even touch it.

I break down. I eat half a brownie.

The brownie is good. I have not had ice cream in weeks. And there is one brownie left. Taunting me.

I eat it.


Today I weigh 120 pounds again.



where the art work comes from :
that is from mad horse 5

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  1. Kym

    So I get down —

    To [extremely large number] pounds.

    Then I hover.

    And hover.

    Then I go to Celluloid blonde.

    There are skinny people at the blogsite. Taunting me.

    I eat the Fritos–what the hey, I’m never going to be 119 again.

  2. Brownies are the most loyal of desserts. They will stay with you until the very end.
    The bastards.

  3. This happens to me all the time.

    “It is just water weight” usually works for me.

  4. Browines that make you gain a pound?
    That is SO Sci-Fi.

  5. My exact sentiments, Kym!

    Max, you should have thrown the brownie on the floor and set it on fire. What a spectacle that would have made.

  6. max

    Aha. It is not just the nephew. This lighting things on fire gene runs in the family.

  7. max

    I am back at 119 by the way. It is a terrible thing to need clothes during weight flux. That whole “but if I get it now, it will not fit later” thing kicks in. I cannot walk around naked though and if I lose weight things can be taken in.

  8. Don’t ever get clothes to fit when you have put on a few pounds unless you are happy with that weight.

  9. max

    That school of thought is why millions of women across this country are wearing Wal-Mart sweats instead of pretty dresses. That is not right.

  10. I just don’t ever buy “fat” clothes at all. In fact, right now I am wearing breath cutting shorts and I promise you I will not have any desire for anything that will make them tighter.

  11. I have two separate wardrobes in two separate rooms. It is quite depressing. I call one the waif room and the other is the bodybuilding room. Soon the former is going bye bye if anyone answers my sales ad on Craigslist.

    I am pretty sure I will regret selling all those clothes once I drop size but it is torment walking by that room every day and seeing about a hundred dresses and shirts hanging from the closet and a rack.

    What was the point of this? I have no freaking idea. Wine talks.

  12. max

    Why don’t you store those Stil? You can get them out again some other time but right now they are just taking up space.

    Kitty we look at it opposite. I have never purchased “fat” clothes in my life. I have a lot of thin clothes though.

  13. sulya

    oh, max, if only I could have — even for a moment — given you my deep and abiding loathing for walnuts (or indeed any nut that dares to infringe upon the greater softness of a brownie) you could have been spared the self-torture because that brownie would have seemed an abomination…

  14. max

    What? That would cost me a lifetime of my love for walnuts. No way. That trade is not worth it.

    I hit 117 today. So I am now back where I started before Ensure and cracked rib madness. Woof. I am still going to knock off a few more so the next time I get pole axed I do not get caught over 120. That was so wrong.

  15. Pole axed, LOL. That is so graphic.

    Love the pig graphic.

  16. max

    I love that pig photo too. Pigs are totally photogenic.

    [AJ is sending me photos of desserts to taunt me.]

  17. Pigs are smart, too.

    Well, when they’re not the opposite sex.

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