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penguin statueI have been back to Club Penguin. Where I got my stubborn bottle of carmex opened, advice on toggles for hanging wall boards, and also discovered the secret of how to get a jackhammer in Club Penguin.

[This is a severely pressing question, judging by search engine hits on Dinner at Club Penguin. And one I have answered before, but, um, I was wrong.]

Apparently, to get a jackhammer in Club Penguin, first, you need a mining helmet. Then, you need to be naked. And then, you must dance. And, if you dance naked wearing your mining helmet, a jackhammer will magically appear.

This sounds highly metaphoric to me but since I am pretty sure kids do searches on Club Penguin stuff, and also since I got this info from an eight year old who swears it is true, I am not going to say metaphoric for what.

11 Responses to return to club penguin

  1. Max, I think you are now ready for Second Life.

  2. max

    Blogging is not Second Life?

  3. Damn, you got me on that one. Hmm. Let me think on that.

  4. Ok, I thought about it and – Second Life has a disco. WordPress does not.

  5. However, Second Life does not have drunken blogging night, therefore, Second Life is inferior.

  6. max

    Oh wow. And you know this how?

    [the disco part]

  7. Any virtual world worth its salt has a disco?

  8. max

    This is true. Even Club Penguin has a disco.

  9. Really?


    Should kids be doing out to a disco?

  10. max

    I think it is pretty tame. And the penguins wear little outfits.

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