return of the mocking bird


My mocking bird is back

It is after 3 in the morning and he is singing his lungs out to me.

The mocking bird totally dumped me a while back.

But now. He is back. Singing. And singing. And singing.

Clearly this mocking bird is drawn against his will and judgment to something he knows is so wrong for him.


*ironically this defines most of my experience with the opposite gender


where the art work comes from :
that is from exirde

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  1. forkboy1965

    Maybe he heard that a final decision had finally been made regarding a bathing suit!

  2. Where is Boo Radley when you need him most?

  3. And we are still waiting for a picture…sigh!

  4. max

    Of the mocking bird? He is tame enough he sat and sang to me after I came out the other night I can probably get one. I worry about him out there with all the bigger birds. The black birds are huge and kind of aggressive.

  5. max

    [The light is going to be crap though.]

  6. ejalvey

    Then I am not crazy hearing a bird in the middle of the night when birds are supposed to be sleeping. This is definitely also a mocking bird because he or she goes through a litany of different bird calls, and occasionally says “shut up Agnes.”

    OK. I made the last part up. It would be much more accurate to say that it ends by sounding like lawn equipment.

  7. max

    That is definitely a mocking bird.

  8. Ben

    I wold love to have mockingbirds in Humboldt County. I may move to Ukiah just for the mockingbirds and also it reminds me of LA.

  9. max

    What is amazing is how tiny he is. He makes such a big sound I was expecting a much bigger bird but he is tiny, he could sit in the palm of my hand.

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