return of the imaginary boyfriend

mirco_2a_yt_right.pngSo I am checking out search engine terms people found the blog with [can I call this a blog if it is on wordpress not blogspot?] and one of the search terms is “Mirco Bergamasco youtube” and I think, Oh I wonder if Mirco is on YouTube so trot on over to find out.

Holy cats. Yes. Mirco is on YouTube.

I am so not posting the Mirco YouTube here. It is very adult. [You have to hit a little button that says you are old enough to see it just to see it and I am still not sure I qualified.] The music is unfortunate. His brother is the first half. Also there is unfortunate fluffy hair action that would just be the end of AJ [do not look AJ!] so really this is throwing myself on my own sword to save a friend. But you can go look if you must [not you AJ] the link is MIRCO YOU TUBE.

Do not say I did not warn you.


Also I am now for sure labeled a pervo by YouTube their records will show I went back and forth about fifty times which will for sure be interpreted as totally perving on butt and groin shots [whoever shot this is so unapologetically gay] when really I am so innocent [ahem Kitty] what I was really doing was trying to get the movie to hold still in the right place on a couple shots to clip that were a] not naked and b] not fluffing hair or, c] um —

Riding a bar.


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  1. Oh my freaking God!
    (If you go missing for a few days I know where you’ll be.)

    Oh, and some Barry White would be just perfect. He so does look like David. But we don’t get to see Mirco’s wankus. (Yes I was looking for it).

  2. Sophia

    You naughty you! No wonder you’re always so busy. These abs and biceps should totally be confined in a glass box, blue and white spots on all the right parts… for all the women of the world to be able to see but only you to have “touching” access… awww… touching!

    My only problem with Mirco, now that I see him from up close is (Zee will love me for this)his nose. So uncool.

  3. I love his nose. And his eyes. And his butt. Oh. I will have to keep my eyes off of Max’s imaginary boyfriend or she will backslap me so fast I will die to death.

  4. max

    Mom! Kitty is perving on my imaginary boyfriend!

  5. max

    ps: kitty gets huge points for being the first to use “die to death” in a regular sentence.

  6. Sophia

    His butt is a number nine (sorry, can’t give him higher than that. I have promised myself to give number ten to only man and one man only), his biceps are definitely a number ten, his abs are beyond comparison. But his nose… let me put it this way, if you spend the night with him on the same bed and something pocks your in your sleep, don’t jump into rushed conclusions. You may get disappointed.

  7. max

    Oh I like his nose he can pock me with that nose anytime.

  8. My idea of a great dream involves me the sun an empty beach and my trusty Pez Gun ( sorry folks- just a Pez gun loaded with cherry Pez and nothing more )

    God, I’m getting old.

    Anita Marie

  9. aj

    “everyone go look — not you AJ” Sigh.

  10. Yay points!

    Mirco’s nose makes his face. There are so many people with fixed noses, I’m wondering when people will start desiring something unique? Maybe in 50 years people will be going in for nose implants?
    Mirco’s is unusual, beautiful, unique.

    AJ, it is a trick, Max knows you’ll be on the first plane out of Australia to steal her Mirco if you saw that video.

  11. max

    AJ already has Mirco hair issues. If she sees the hair fluffiness her ability to be a supportive friend during Mirco crush episodes may be impaired.

  12. Wait a sec. Youtube marks people as pervs! CRAP!

  13. oh God the Hair!! By the fifth hair flick I had to turn off. Nice bod though, but a bit too girly looking around the face for my liking.

    god, that hair flicking image just won’t get out of my head. Make it stop! Please somebody make it stop!

  14. oh holly cow! you will not believe what feminism is being blamed for over at dumps place! Apparently it is all your (and be you I mean you the American women) fault that people in America are fat! Nice to have achieved something in life eh! I couldn’t resist going to have a peek and now I feel all dirty. Still, it got the hair image out of my head.

  15. max

    Oops. Not enough hair fluffiness warnings?

    Tommy, Google knows more about your internet forays than Santa.

  16. max

    ps: jeez, uncensored, do not go over there, that is no place for nice girls

  17. So, Google ratted me out to Santa! ‘Dem bastards!

  18. Oh My God. Try watching that with a dialup connection – slo mo.

  19. Now, being 17 I of course did not view this video, because that would have required me to lie about my age, and I of course have never been inside a bar because that too would require that I lie about my age, but if I had seen the video, and if I were ever inside a bar, I think I’d be tempted to spill my drink and lick it off the bar.

    Just sayin’.


  20. max

    Janie you crack me up.

  21. Wait a minute. Mirco is a PORN star? I thought he was a rugby player!

  22. max

    He is not a porn star. He posed for a collection of sassy tasteful nudes of rugby players.

  23. Tasteful nudes? It’s still pornography! He’s going to hell!

    Haha, let me sneak a peek though.

  24. Z

    How do you get a job as an ass oiler?

  25. Z,

    It probably wouldn’t hurt to um… grease a few palms.


  26. max

    You know how wrong that would look on a business card.

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