return of the celluloid blonde awards yay!

celluloid blonde award statueReturn of The Celluloid Blonde Awards. Yay!
Okay not really. Really Anita tagged me with The Owl Creek Bridge Thinking Blog Award. This is funny I did not even know Anita could do tags in the format her site is set up in but I should have known there is nothing Anita cannot do Anita just whipped up a fancy awards page and wow there it was.

[Anita is just like that.]

The story on the thinking blog award is someone tags you because your blog [allegedly] makes them think, though what those thoughts are about [wall sex?] is up for grabs.

Jennifer tagged me with The Jippy Jabber Thinking Blog Award before [I do not know if that link will even work blogspot is spotty] and that was total tagging frenzy so now I have to be all savvy and think up five more people to tag. And it is not that it is hard to tag people, more that, well, you have tagged people so now you have to remember who you have already tagged and who already tagged you and who already tagged them and also hello THE FREAKING TYPING? I do not know what fancy buttons around here do I TYPE ALL THOSE LINKS. They are blank links too. That is extra. AHHHHH!

At the same time I am totally honored. Thank you Anita.

I am going to subvert the thinking blog award here though [that is so out of character] I am not going to list sites I am going to list favorite posts. So to me this is like Celluloid Blonde Awards [yay!] only less links to type [yay!] also I am not officially tagging anyone. I am appreciating posts. The end. And after that you can be tagged if you want and get the great big exiciting and massively covered in gold and precious gems thinking blogger award. Or pass. Either way though? You rock — and that is why you are here.

[That was a really big lead up for a few posts. I am so on task.]

My Officially Maybe Tagged Favorite Posts For The Moment Thinking Blog Awards In No Particular Order Because I Cannot Spell Picks :

reasons i know i am not ready to have kids

from — nothing ever happens to me

how to work your tina
from — chew this

aj valliant arbitrarily ranks: the greatest men that ever lived, martyrs
from — beats entropy

from — write field

when in doubt throw hard candy — aka the santa from hell
from — toni mcgee causey

from — a brighter discontent

shifting sands
from — maison pants

ode to max and valliant
from — jippy jabber

happy easter
from — on the couch & featuring pete the sacrificial easter chick

things i wasn’t allowed to do on the radio
from — vanessa is


celluloid blonde award statueOoh la la, we are done. Well maybe. I am still hunting up one. But done for now. Thank you for playing. Also, you get a statue. Yay!

what this tag is all about : this is the thinking blogger award tag

special thanks to : anita marie who thinks i am interesting



34 Responses to return of the celluloid blonde awards yay!

  1. Have I mentioned lately that you’re my hero? (You made my day.) Thank you!

  2. max

    Take your statue before something blows up.



  3. You have an excellent memory! Bravo! Ode to Max and Valliant is good but how could you choose it over….Max and Valliant sitting in a tree…..

  4. Dang… I was hoping we’d be able to see the boobs more clearly on the award.

  5. Ahhh, the “What the hell happened to me?!” post. I need to read that every damn day, I think.

  6. And here y’all. I’ve got more than enough to go ’round.

  7. I am so flattered! I will do my best to live up to your faith in me max…it’s just so much pressure…

  8. Nice one Max, that my favorite series.
    And so powerful is your acclaim BE is rank 3rd on wordpress today. And Engtech is ranked 8th. I belive your approval is capable of bending the very fabric of reality.

  9. Ohhh! If you can bend reality, can you please make fractals appear out of nowhere? Cos that would be cool. And also, I’d like a really neat superhero power, like being able to cause spontaneous orgasm simply by pointing at someone. (And it has to be able to work in mirrors. …What?!)

  10. max

    Fractals? I am from the humanities, damn it.

  11. You’re Welcome Max
    …I was right you are Cool and so is your blog- your comment section is better then a sideshow at a Carnival
    ( and that’s a MEGA compliment coming from me. )

    Now I’m off to hit the links and take in the show.


  12. So dude, just copy them from stoner books. Or make a snowflake and tell me it’s a fractal. I majored in English. What the fuck would I know? (Sorry English people. But c’mon. We suck at math.)

    But how about that orgasmapower? What about that? I’ll take that and no fractals.

  13. max

    I am working on it Ms. and as soon as I get it figured out you will know in the meantime I am mailing you a copy of “The Shower Massager Is Your Friend.”

  14. I’ll put it on the shelf between “Waterproof: the way to go” and “Pyrex stays harder than anything ever in the whole world foreverandeveramen.”

  15. max

    You are so well read. And hygienic.

  16. aj

    I feel the need to lodge a protest.

    I mean as you said, these are usually thinking blogger awards so my chance of winning is pretty much diminished on that title alone.

    But. As you have made this just Celluloid Blonde Awards, where is my damn award for Pete the chicken huh?

    The little fella sacrificed himself for easter and what does he get? Nothing. Big fat Zero.

    It’s ok. I will trot off and mourn the little bloke on my own.

  17. max

    Damn. I knew I missed one. I will put Pete in. Pete for sure deserves mention.

  18. aj

    I am a whinger. I do it so well though I just don’t see the point in stopping.

  19. max

    Clearly I am not immune to it.

  20. Orrhhh, there were some good readings there.


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  24. max

    Say, I had to add Vanessa to this list, and at a real late date [I am so ashamed] but “things I wasn’t allowed to do on the radio so rocked” it has to go on the list late or not.

  25. Aw, look Mum! There’s me there!

    I think I’m going to have some chicken and chips to celebrate.

    Yay! Yay! Thanks max. You’re my hero(ine). Would you like some chicken?

  26. max

    Absolutely. Let’s eat chicken and drink champagne while we drag Mum’s cameras down.

  27. Yes! I also have a loverly bunch of coconuts.

  28. “I also have a loverly bunch of coconuts.”

    There they are a standing in a row…

  29. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head…

  30. Give ’em a twist, a flick of the wrist…

    (We *are* talking about the ones that grow on trees… right?)

  31. …that’s what the showman said.

    (have a banana)

  32. …there goes my wife, the idol of me life…

    (I already have the banana. If I put it between the coconuts, we’re likely to have a creme pie.)

  33. (Horror: I skipped a line)

    Every ball you throw will make me rich…

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