return of fun with corsets


fun with corsets


I saw this fun quiz referenced in a google search an age ago and then had to hunt like a ninja to find the actual quiz :

What corset are you?

I posted it then but also I really like it plus really love the photo so I am bringing it back again. Yay!

“You are a vinyl/fetish corset. Grrrrowl.”

[Ooh la la, I used to be an Elizabethan corset, I am moving up.]


:::take the corset quiz:::

:::that photo is by norman jean roy:::

:::also the anime corset is pretty much famous net wide so:::

:::see the anime corset:::


0 Responses to return of fun with corsets

  1. Lucia

    I can’t see the pic. I see the quiz but it doesn’t give me the result. Why, why, why, does this quiz hate me? :-(

  2. max

    It is there. Do not panic. It is some interplanetary mess working itself out.

  3. Dan

    “You are a vinyl/fetish corset. Grrrrowl.”

    Sometimes I think you post things like this just for me. I appreciate it.

  4. Lucia

    Max, up until after 4 a.m.? Not healthy. Then, I know that’s part of your job description. Take care of your health and eat nutritiously.

  5. max

    Yes, but I slept really late so it balanced out.

  6. “You’re a Victorian-era corset. How refined.”


  7. LOF
    You’re an anime corset. Colorful.
    Yeah, that’s me alright.
    And a cartoon character.
    I love this quiz

  8. max

    It was as close to zombie corset as they could get Anita Marie.

  9. Anime corset – colorful.

  10. max

    You would look hot in the anime corset. It would go with that snakeskin mini skirt.

  11. I like the color in it.

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