return of battlestar gallactica

Battlestar Gallactica is back. Yay! Yay! Yay!


Listen I am not even sure how I made it through the break between Season 3.0 and Season 3.5 but the day is finally here. Now maybe someone will go rescue Starbuck who got shot down at the end of 3.0. Talk about taking your time Battlestar Gallactica people. Go rescue Starbuck.

I will not see the new episode till it comes out on iTunes after it airs so, probably Monday.

There will be much celebration Monday.

Yay! Yay! Yay!


more battlestar gallactica than you can shake a stick at :

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  1. trenchy

    Who in the hell hijacked Max’s blog?

  2. max

    LOL — hey, I really like Battlestar Gallactica. It was an interesting conversation the day someone in a group said “Hey know what is important about September 19?,” and I said, “Hell yes, that is the day Battlestar Gallactica 2.5 is released on disk.”

    Dead. Silence.

    Jeez. That show won a Peabody Award too.

    I will probably hunt up Jackson Mississippi and see if I can get him to play on wordpress though to assuage fears I have been assimilated or something.

  3. At some point you would think that the Neilson Ratings would be revamped and the sweeps periods finally dropped in the dustbin (they don’
    t really reflect the way people actually watch TV anymore). We could then watch all of our shows in a period that makes sense: back to back to back.

    As for Battlestar, I don’t get to watch it very often, being on tour everyday of the frickin’ year. I saw a decent bit of the first season and should probably get the DVDs. I’m assuming you would agree with this purchase? I don’t really know that many people who watch Battlestar.

  4. I’m convinced that only the most intelligent of people like Battlestar.

    Probably why I’m not a huge fan lol

  5. max

    Stilletto, you crack me up. Yes, only the most intelligent people watch Battlestar and someday I will stop doubling all consonants when in doubt just to prove it.

    Blipey, the first season rocks. You can also get it on Itunes, if you travel you can pick up episodes from anywhere internet and watch them on the computer.

  6. Where is the spagetti? I heard you were having spagetti here.

  7. max

    Tragically, most of it is in me I stuffed too full and am now a lump.

  8. aj

    It is hard not to stuff too full when spaghetti is involved.

  9. max

    Before I was just lounging in bed because I am mildly ill. Now I am lounging in bed because my only ambulatory option after the spaggetti frenzy is to roll on the floor like a beach ball.

  10. aj

    I just ate a truffle. One of the fancy ones with the chocolate sprinkles. I do not get the appeal of fancy chocolates. I would rather eat good ol Cadbury over fancy truffles any day.

    As it would be rude and ungracious to voice this to the chocolate giver, I am venting here instead.

  11. max

    They were out of the chocolate macadamia bars at the grocery so I hunted up white chocolate bars.

    Tragically, one of those bars has added to the spaggetti beach ball follies effect.

    Is the truffle giver all puffed up proud of himself with no clue you are venting about the truffles?

  12. aj

    I would say so. He was very enthusiastic about the truffles. I hold the token saying close “it’s the thought that counts”.

    And hey, I am still eating them, although regularly offering them to other household members in a kind sharing gesture.

    Me (Truffles): Here have one, they’re delish.

    Me (Cadbury Crunchie): Look at it and I will use your eyeballs for furniture slides.

  13. max

    This may explain why he is bringing you truffles: “She is so nice after I bring her truffles, she stops threatening my eyeballs and she SHARES the chocolate. I have to do this more often.”

    Do household members in the sharing gesture include Dash the Dog?

  14. aj

    Dash has her own special doggy choc buds. I think they are carob or something dodgy like that, but she seems to like them.

  15. max

    Oh carob is ghastly poor Dash.

    Wait. I mean, um, carob is delish. Yummo. Absolutely.

    [Sophia can eat carob right?]

  16. aj

    [Yes, but whether she takes up that so called luxury, I do not know]

  17. Trenchy

    ok, I downloaded an episode and watched it… is that the cast from “The O.C”?

  18. Ooooh oooh!

    I LOVE THIS Show.

    I also love women that love this show.

    Due to a vast series of scheduling conflicts I missed almost ALL of last season. :( I need to get updated, stat.

  19. Z

    When I try to watch BG I just feel so lost. It’s probably a good show but I guess you have to watch it from the beginning.

  20. max

    Zee, I bet Grant Imahara likes Battlestar Gallactica. :::whistling:::

    Trench, that is Edward James Olmos he does not do O.C. Jeez, the correct answer was “I love women that love this show.”

    Wait, we have a winner. Hi MissedManners. [waving]

    [psst, Zee, you have to watch the pilot]

  21. max

    In update news, Battlestar Gallactica Day was grand.

  22. Damn, Max, you beat me to the punch. I was going ask if it was all that and a bag of chips!

  23. max

    Well, not the best episode ever. But even not the best Battlestar Gallactica is good Battlestar Gallactica. Yay!

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