return of a squirrel that looked like hitler


It is late and I am going to be on the computer at least four more hours before crashing before dragging my carcass up again at an hour too obscene to say out loud and running hard all day and probably most of all night again and usually that would mean no post for you except —

I have tricks up my sleeve [clearly there is a God] and there just is no such thing as too much A Squirrel That Looked Like Hitler so there is a post today after all.

Yay yay yay!

See you tomorrow. Smooch!




where that squirrel comes from :
that squirrel is from

0 Responses to return of a squirrel that looked like hitler

  1. Dan

    That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

    Thanks, Max.

  2. max

    Stfu noob!

    [I so love this isn’t it wonderful? It is scary to me how many times I can watch it back to back.]

  3. Dan

    Clearly you’re just as twisted as I am. Or vice versa.

  4. max

    Maybe we are just equally brilliant. Didn’t think of that, didja?


  5. If only there’d been squirrels involved in the July 20 Plot.

  6. OMG! His head exploded!

  7. max

    Clearly the other squirrel was using hollow points. That is a squirrel that means business.

  8. That is one squirrel I’d never stalk. Not even for a cute picture taking moment.

  9. Clearly something in the air on the squirrel front these days…

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