reminder: we are still at war




*no justice, no peace; support our troops, bring them home


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  1. lydia

    Disturbing to the nth. Did you see the Bush interview with the big ‘o’? He smirked and shrugged, chuckled and said “they wanted us to believe” they had weapons.(So ‘we’ obliged.) She had her lips so close … they looked air brushed, then she got to visit the senior shrubs on the ranch. She gushed. Nary a question let alone a hard-hitting one!

  2. max

    No way. I can’t watch stuff like that. Too creepy.

  3. lydia

    All I could say about her was thank the lord this is her last season. My admiration for her evaporated with all that ass kissing. Air brushed by a fart indeed!

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