recycling dilemma #2,068


Pooks was posting —

About recycling. I separate out paper and plastics for the paper and plastics bin but the manager told me he thinks the regular trash guys just take that stuff too so I was all chagrined I was doing that if the paper and plastics bin was just faux recycling.

Pooks said well I was doing the right thing so no big deal.

That is not true though.

You have to wash out plastics to recycle them. You cannot just throw a gooey yogurt container in there. And I live in a desert. People forget Southern California is a desert but it is and all that water going down the drain? That is not springing from the ground water that is piped in shipped in water. And if I am washing out containers for a faux recycling program it is not just an issue of stuff I stick in that bin not being recycled. It is not even an issue just of me being annoyed I am wasting my time washing things out that hello are going to landfill.

It is an issue of all that water going down the drain.


Clearly i am not in enough consternation over all this Pooks posted that recycling post in January and while the recycling sitch weighs on me I am still just washing and rinsing plastic even though I know this is probably wasted water and effort I should call someone about this and find out what the real recycling sitch is — though you know they will lie to me and say sure they are recycling even if they are not. Hmm.


where the art work comes from :
that is from abrazier

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  1. we should buy our own paper and aluminum mills, just to make sure that recycling is done right.

  2. The dogs clean out my yogurt cups. They are experts and it doesn’t take a drop of water. LOL.

    I thought the same, Max that I was sorting for nothing. A few people had told me the city picked it up and brought it over to a landfill. One day I had to go to the recycling plant up the road for something and saw that they were actually loading the recyclables onto a truck to be processed.

    I never wash anything before putting it in the recycling bin, they do that at the plant.

  3. max

    That is good to know. I would get if they scrapped it though. An ex neighbor used to make me insane because she dumped cat litter in the recycling bin.

  4. Wait, cat litter can’t be recycled. Maybe composted. That’s just too much.

  5. max

    See how smart you are? You see the problem right off. She did not bag it either.

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