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the waking by robert johnsonI am pretty sick today.

This is ironic I was so well behaved yesterdy. I drank gallons of water. I ate a solid meal. I had a meeting today and a lot of things to do. I made the meeting. I bagged everything else. And even at the meeting I had to on the elevator ride up say, If I keel, do not call 911, just throw ice.

The meal got me. Not as bad as the nog poisoning. Pretty not fun though.

So instead of writing something today [you know that is why stuff goes up around midnight mostly on the blog right, because I write posts a day or two before and just set them to go up after midnight of the next empty day?, only, yipes, no extra’s loaded today] today’s post is officially random day :

:::random day:::

It will be interesting to see what everyone gets. Come back and say.


[ps : invalided as i am i am not too invalided to insult the senators]


where the art work comes from :
that is the waking by robert johnson
i am looking for a more current link

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  1. I got “The Demon Russian Strikes.” The 8 random things post – lol.

    I hope you feel better, Max.

  2. I got Sasquatch Is In The House:

    Oh my God Max…that was a sucky day for you- you didn’t get to dance.

    And there was only one comment on that post.


  3. PS
    I had a great day like that a few weeks ago and then I crashed and got sick- I was writing ALOT and finished some outlines hmmm I forgot to eat…and I was only sleeping about four hours a night and I was beat so when I got to work one day I nearly fell off a ladder and pulled something in my neck.
    Oh wait.
    I think I figured it out.

  4. I got The Celluloid Blonde Awards circa January 14th.

    Cute idea to do this…

    I really hope you feel better soon.

  5. sulya

    I got “Snap is the devil device”, I believe it was called. And now, it would seem I must remove the snap picture thing from my blog in solidarity if nothing else… Hmmmmm…

    Max, I am so sorry you are ill. Stick with the water and get some rest. I think, perhaps, all the scripts are taking their toll… Psychic weariness from mediocrity maybe? Anyway, rest up you.

  6. I got “why Max’s friend has extra locks on the door”
    Rest and feel better. sometimes the body pretends to be sick in order to ground the soul in.

  7. max

    “Sometimes the body pretends to be sick in order to ground the soul in.”

    Blete that is a smart and wonderful observation.

    I did something way out of character and got a case of sparkling water instead of a case of Coke.

    Anita that is one of the old ones I think. Back 2006 I was not a very good blogger, posts were infrequent if I put it kindly and not many people were around.

  8. i got *return of the imaginary boyfriend*

    i suppose i have mixed feelings about that.

    he was always good to me. but he was, after all, only imaginary.

    but also a boy. ugh.

    still, i’ve never been so f*cked up that my imaginary friends were ever mean to me.

    how masochistic would that be?

    nor so faced that any of them ever hit on me.

    that would put the narc in narcicistic.


    i wonder what the post was actually about.

    i was so eager to come back and comment i neglected to actually read past the title.

  9. max

    Oh now you are in trouble. You have slighted Mirco.

  10. Let the games begin….!

  11. what, pray tell, is a Micro.

    erm . . . not an auspicious name if that’s the boyfriend.

    oh, wait, Mirco.

    did that count as a second slight?

    *frantically clicks random button to go back and read post*

  12. Mirco! Polo!

    *runs *

  13. okay, out of respect for max (if not for micro) i went back to find the post.

    max has no search feature, so that meant first clicking the Random button as promised, and then taking the more sensible approach of skimming through the Romance category.

    so now i’ve read the post(s) and i have to say i just don’t get the fascination.

    but i’m a boy

    what do i know.

    erm, except maybe that real boys don’t usually look like that.

  14. max

    Okay you cannot mock Mirco. Bad enough I have totally neglected him to flirt up the mad Canadian, but public mocking is out jeez.

    [That was heavy lifting going back and finding the posts though. You get points for that.]

  15. i shall keep my mockery to myself then.

    (it’s always good to have a little mad cackling echoing off the back wall of one’s skull)


    OTOH, at least i didn’t publicly dump the guy to go haring after a mentally unstable kanuck, parading my adventures across teh interwebs for Mirco and the world to see.


    *wonders if pts will be enough to keep skin intact*

  16. ten things i learned reading for nicholl………….My guilt is powerful. I got a script to read and I can’t even figure out how to shrink the page window to get to the scroll arrows…… I think I will have to print it out…..
    It must have been written on a huge screen… I don’t know why I can’t figure it out and I am supposed to have the option to read in Final draft or PDF….. I can’t do the most simple things sometimes….. grrrrrr.

    I hope you feel better soon….

  17. max

    “OTOH, at least i didn’t publicly dump the guy to go haring after a mentally unstable kanuck, parading my adventures across teh interwebs for Mirco and the world to see.”

    Oh. My. God.

    How did you survive prison?

  18. And I can’t figure out ” How did you survive prison” I think I need to shut down and reboot…… LOL DID I mention I am stupid lately?

  19. @max
    oddly enough, by keeping my mouth shut.

    now i’m making up for lost time (pun intended)

    OTOH is On The Other Hand

    as for the rest -no reboot necessary- max was wondering how i survived 8 1/2 years down running my mouth like i do.

    as i mention above, i pretty much did it by NOT running my mouth.

  20. aj

    Susan is on task..

    I got “death by horoscope” circa January 29th, 2007.

  21. max

    Oh wow. Susan is still after us.

  22. Kym

    Alas, I got Feeding the Blog (which sounded too much like what was happening between the Frito bag, my greasy fingers, and my mouth) so I hurriedly shut down the connection and crumpled up the bag (Crikey, it’s nearly empty, Scooby!)

    Please,Max, don’t keel on me. Your Random Blog saved me from peeling apart the bag and licking the crumbs. What would I do without you?

  23. max

    That bag is still there Kym. You can still peel it open and lick the crumbs. You know you want to…

  24. Kym

    Girl, You are always trying to get me to go to the dark side but can’t be done. I am an angel– except where Frito’s are concerned.

    Where is that damn bag?

  25. max

    [ps : next post is a quiz, cue evil laughter]

  26. Kym

    Since your Random blog was working so well to make me behave, I had to try again–sort of a Morals by Max but then I got

    I am drawn to men.
    Hard men. Dangerous men.
    Men who keep me safe against the world.
    I never ask,
    Who will keep me safe against them?


    And that was just too Scary. I think I like Susan better she doesn’t know me like you do.

  27. As as point of reference: I am remarkably stable, but some fairly mercurial and bohemian.

  28. max

    Kym, you peeled that bag, right?

    Valliant, show me.

  29. Kym

    Humph, I am strong (translation, I had my kid hide the bag.) And I don’t fear your quiz….

    Okay, where’s the bag?

    But I will never ever SUBMIT to another quiz.

  30. max

    I have a quiz stashed somewhere that is a what scifi crew would you be on?

    I came out on the Serenity crew.


  31. max

    [i got to bunk with Jayne too]

  32. Kym

    BTW, the only reason I ever had enough courage to comment here is your button contains more than the dreaded word–SUBMIT. Your blog does not have the soul of a cruel master. It is kinder and gentler. It does not demand I SUBMIT and thus I, in my delicate Southern Belle corset, can pretend to be a free strong woman.

    Until you outed me with your Random blog about how I like hard dangerous men.

  33. Kym

    No way!!!!! Jayne is mine.. Let me at that quiz!

  34. Kym

    And what are you doing still awake? Hmm, You are supposed to be sick. Get to bed right now young lady.

  35. max

    There is a ginormous bug in the loft I was chasing and had cornered but I had to find a bigger container to catch it and when I got back to the corner it was gone. I may not sleep much tonight. I think it made a mad run for the bathroom but it would take a nuclear explosion to be sure.

    I will find the scifi quiz it is fun.

  36. Well this is why you were sick, Max. You were too well behaved.

  37. Good behavior would make me sick too.

  38. By the way, I got Convos Between Me and AJ.

    How did you set up the random link?

  39. Max – you are really ill?

    What did you eat?

  40. max

    It is the regular random link, just the link with slash question mark random after.

    I am really actually sick but getting better. It is dumb and I am not sure what exactly made me sick so I threw everything out.

  41. BTW, since you are a smoker you should have a bowl of oatmeal every morning – it moistens your lungs and skin. Good for you.

  42. Plus as we all know it’s great for the bowels.

  43. max

    That is too much meal planning for me.

  44. I got the Fairy Tale Dialogues part one. Which was nice.

  45. max

    Oh that is one of my faves. I think whoever gets A Squirrel That Looked Like Hitler is probably the winner that is the funniest post on the blog to me.

  46. max

    Where is the penguin love Miss Pants?

  47. They mock me, penguins do.

  48. No it’s not, Max. Scoop some oatmeal in a bowl, add water and nuke for a few minutes. Add brown sugar. Yum!

  49. max

    I refuse to discuss food that is “good for your bowels” on my sparkley blog.


  50. max

    [in yet another strategic karmic strike from the universe, when i forage for food today the only thing to eat in the loft is oatmeal and since i do not feel like going to the store that is what i end up eating]

  51. NO! For real?

    See! It’s a sign! No – it’s a MIRACLE!!!

    Hope you have t.p. LOL

  52. max

    It is so not a miracle now the tupperware lid for the oatmeal has gone missing and I cannot find it and where could it go? It is not a big kitchen, there are not many places for it to hide but it is vanished.

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