rainIt is raining in Los Angeles.

Hard, fierce rain that comes down in sheets. Sometimes with hail.

The rain woke me at 5 this morning.

Then it stopped.

Then it started.

People got caught the last time it started.

I heard yells and laughter in the street. People startled, caught off guard and outside running for cover.


where the art work comes from :
that is rain from thumbuki

11 Responses to rain

  1. That’s funny, I heard “It never rains in California”. (‘course the next line is “but man it pours.” isn’t it?)

  2. I wondered why you were up so early this morning.

  3. You’re not expecting rain in the upcoming week, are you?

    Ahem. Just wondering.

  4. max

    I do not know. This is unseasonably early rain. Bring an umbrella just in case.

  5. My co-blogger at TeenyManolo has to host a kidlet’s party tomorrow and she did NOT plan for weather. Must be nice not to have to.

  6. max

    I have to plan for weather harder in summer than I do in winter. The sun is merciless so there is much sunscreen frenzy.

  7. Yes! Max wears sunscreen. Two thumbs up!

  8. max

    The sun does not like me and this is the desert. Sunscreen is so my friend.

  9. Well at least the sun is honest with you and lets you know where you stand. The sun pretends to like me yet leaves me with a stain of freckles.

    Sun of a bitch.

  10. max

    Well it is obviously hostile in summer I get in trouble in winter when I think oh the sun is not bad I will just skip the sunscreen and then all those bouncy overcast rays have fun with me.

  11. And of course I’ll spare you the lecture on overcast rays…

    BTW, reading back on my comment, sheesh – was I really talking about the weather?

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